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When I think of mattress protectors, I think of those plastic fitted sheets that go on the mattress, and crinkle and make the sheets move around constantly - the kids loathed them, and I eventually chucked them away. So for the last while, we have not been using anything - which freaks me out in so many ways, not only because we still have the very occasional wet bed, but they are breeding ground for dust mites and dead skin cells - and these don't go well with my eczema prone kids.

Over the last while, my kids have been trailing the Tencel range of mattress protectors from Protect-A-Bed , and all I can say is WOW!
Both my kids are eczema sufferers - and even more so in winter, so when I saw that the Signature Tencel Range of protectors were recommended for Eczema and Sensitive skin - I was sold.
This is due to it having a super smooth fibre structure that is non irritating to the skin. Plus the miracle layer (which all the waterproof mattress protectors have) provides a barrier from those pesky dust mites (which are a known trigger and irritant for eczema).

We love so many things about about the Tencel Signature Series, and have listed a few below:
  • The SIGNATURE TENCEL, TRADITIONAL COTTON QUILTED, and STAYNEW COTTON TERRY protectors are all endorsed by the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ's sensitive programme -  and also supports the Eczema association in NZ. (this is due to their dust mite and allergen barrier). 
  • The miracle layer is SILENT, breathable, and super comfortable - I slept on it, and it made no sound! This layer is exclusive to Protect-A-Bed and is waterproof (don't believe me - see my video below).
  • The fitted sheet expands to fit extra depth as well as standard mattresses - plus you can machine wash and tumble dry them.
  • They are stocked just about everywhere, plus they have a vast range of products for everyone in the family. I have eyed out the pillow protectors as our next investment (we are all dribblers - so I don't even want to think about what is lurking and breeding inside those).
  • PLUS - they have a 10 year stain-proof mattress guarantee*
This range of protectors are made from odourless wood-based fibres, which stay cool in summer, and warm in winter. This range also displays the red nose (SIDS and KIDS) logo on the infant and single sized products.

Every Mattress Needs Protection - make sure yours uses a Protect-A-Bed

*we were sent mattress protectors to review- all opinions are my own.
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