Jelly Belly Popcorn Clouds

School holidays are round the corner (this is the first time I have had to worry about things like school holidays- so need all the help I can get), so why not make use of some of these fab ideas for keeping the kids entertained.

Jelly belly has a range of recipes that are all kid friendly and yummy!!!!

Today I am sharing their popcorn cloud recipe combining 3 of my favourites - jelly beans , white chocolate and jelly belly’s.

It's super simple - and no lie, they lasted about 1 day in our house!
So to make your own Popcorn Clouds follow the below:

So its super simple - you make the popcorn, and melt the white chocolate, and the combine.
My helpers added the Jelly Belly's at this time too - but the recipe says to just add the popcorn and chocolate and then place on a sheet of grease proof paper. Once this is done push down Jelly Belly's, and then leave to set (this is the hardest part!!!).

These are honestly SO good - I can see myself making them on a regular basis.
They are great for the kids to help with too - as its only 3 ingredients.

Definitely check out the Jelly Belly website - its packed full of great recipes, and will keep the kids busy these school holidays! Another of my favourites is the Movie Night Snack Mix - I am all for sweet and savoury - and think this will be added to my must make list.

* I was gifted Jelly Belly's for this post - but all opinions are my own.

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