Crock- Pot Express Cook Multi-Cooker Review

I love cooking - when I have the time, which is rarely these days. You kind of don't understand how much time kids take up until you have them. Before you know it, its 4.30pm and there are 2 kids who are hungry (well they are always hungry), tired, and arguing with each other  - and you are trying to think of something that is going to be as quick as possible to make for dinner, because any longer in the kitchen the kids are going to totally trash the house.
When I was recently asked if I would like to try out the Crock-Pot Express Cook Multi-Cooker, I was  intrigued to see if this would indeed make my life easier when it comes to dinner time.

Now, I am the first to admit that pressure cookers scare the heck out of me, I have never owned, let alone used one before, but I have heard horror stories about them, so have always steered clear of them, opting for my trusty slow cooker instead.

My Crock-Pot arrived, and I planned my meal (simple - slow cooked lamb - pressure cooker style). I got everything ready, and waited until hubby came home, so that he could release the pressure, because I was too scared. After watching him do it, and seeing how easy it is, I was super excited to test it out properly for myself - lets just say, I don't think I have turned the stove on in the last week.    

What I Love about it:
  •  From Sauté to Steam, Slow Cook to Pressure Cook it does it all - in on pot, quickly!
  • Its quick - I made spaghetti bolognaise in 15 minutes - in one pot (and it was so good). In general it cooks meals up to 70% faster thanks to its powerful cooking mechanisms inside.
  • I can just pop it on and walk away - it beeps when its ready, and then goes to warming mode, so it keeps the food nice and warm until you are ready to eat it.
  • Its great for entertaining, you can cook for everyone all at once (as it has a 5.7l non stick pot), and you can actually spend time with your guests and not slogged over the stove.
  • Its so easy to use, and not at all scary, if you have pressure cooker phobia - don't worry this will take your worries away, and will have you wondering why you never tried them out before.
  • It has 7 one touch meal options - so it does all the thinking for you, simply place you food in the pot - close the lid, press your desired setting, and press start.
The Crock-Pot Express comes with a recipe book, steaming rack (I have not tried this out yet), and serving spoon. The cooking pot is non stick, and so light and best of all is dishwasher safe. The recipes look super yummy - I based my lamb dish off the one in the recipe book, and it was absolutely delicious. 

It's honestly a must have for any household, you don't know what you are missing out on until you have one, it makes life just that little bit easier, and clean ups a breeze. It RRP's in NZ for $249.99, and in AUS for $149.99, which is a bargain when you consider all the things it does.

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*we were sent the Crock-Pot Express Cook  to review- all opinions are my own.

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