Lily Bee Wraps - Reusable food wraps

As a mum I am all for finding ways of looking after our plant, and reducing the amount of plastic we use at home. We already use reusable grocery and fresh produce bags, and the newest addition to our reusable family are reusable food wraps.

Made from 100% cotton infused with beeswax, coconut oil and tree resin make Lilybee wraps durable and great for the environment. They also last between 6 - 12+ months, so they are a purchase that is way worth the money.

Not only are these great for kids lunches (I am super excited to use these for Keaton when he starts school later this year), but they are great for wrapping fruit in, and covering leftovers with.

The almost sticky texture enables the wrap to mould to the shape you want, and the heat from your hands helps keep it in place. I stupidly misplaced a lid for a bottle of jam I had bought, and I popped the smaller of these over the top of the bottle, and its been happily sitting in the fridge ever since.

They are easy to rinse and dry in no time - I just wipe mine down with a damp cloth and air dry, then fold them up and keep them in the pantry.

They also come in a array of sizes and the most amazing vintage inspired cotton fabric.
 You can shop the range and different styles here

Made in New Zealand by a gorgeous family, this Eco friendly product is a great addition for anyone wanting to make the environment a better place.

* I was gifted a pack of these to try. All opinions etc are my own.

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