Lets Talk Incontinence

Bladder Leakage when you laugh, cough or sneeze? Frequent and Sudden Bathroom Urges?
Do any of these sound like you? Even if they don't now, they could still be, or they could affect someone you know.
Its reassuring to know that things like this happen to all of us, and just because it may not have happened yet, doesn't mean that's its not going to, or that there is nothing that can be done to help manage it.

Affecting far too many people, Incontinence is mainly caused by Childbirth, Menopause, Diabetes and Obesity. And in Men (yes they get it too) prostate cancer.

The main treatments are (wait for it...) Diet and Exercise, Hydration, and Kegel Exercises. Its not rocket science really, it is just something that needs to be kept on top of and the more you do it, the more you will benefit from it. Our poor bodies go through so much during our their lifetime, so making sure we look after them should be a priority. 

Tena has therefore created these super informative info-graphics to give you some tips on potential solutions and preventative measures surrounding incontinence. Here are their top 5 ways to strengthen your pelvic floor, which will help reduce the symptoms:

How to strengthen your pelvic floor

To aid with these tips, Tena has a range of liners, pads and pants. Their handy product finder helps you pick the right product to help improve your quality of life, and you can pick up a sample to "try before you buy" here. (This is for New Zealand and Australia Residents Only).

Head on over and have a read of their very informative website, its simple to understand and reassuring to know that it happens to a lot more people than we think.


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