Rosie's World - Join in the Fun with her new OE Game

Bringing kids up in today’s world is challenging, especially when it comes to the ever-evolving world of technology. I let my kids (well the one who is old enough to) watch TV, and play on devices from time to time because sometimes I need a break, need to make dinner, or just because.
Letting them do this – makes them vulnerable to so many things online, and trying to keep an eye on what they are watching or looking at can be challenging, especially when I am not in the same room. Rosie’s World has been a lifesaver for this. It’s a safe platform for kids to be on, where they can play around, learn and watch video’s (that are safe) and are all on one website.

Available for download on the app store and google play – Rosie’s World can go with you, in the car, to the cafĂ©, Dr's appointments, or anywhere where the kids tend to go a bit crazy (in my case this is most places).
With 8 new mini-games – there are heaps to keep them occupied and learning about the dairy industry at the same time, in a way that is fun and keeps them wanting to learn.
These games are GREAT and relate to 5 the countries Rosie had visited – which include India, China, Europe, Cuba and our favourite Africa.
Keaton has been obsessed with the games on here, and as a budding photographer has been having heaps of fun snapping the big 5, he is also really interested in the “did moo know” facts – some of which were new to me.
The Dairy industry is a vital part of the NZ economy, and educating our kids about it as much as we can is just as vital – so it’s great being able to do this at a young age and in a fun way.
So if you are looking for a place to let your kids be kids – that is safe for them, and your sanity, and a place where they will actually learn in a fun way, then Rosie’s World is a must. We have the website saved as a favourite on the computer, and the app in the “kids” folder on my phone, and the tablets, so easily accessible and available on the go at all times.


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