That 'thing' called Eczema

I have eczema prone kids - both of them - seriously???? I have never had it, my sister has it so I assumed it was something she would pass on to her kids - unfortunately that was not the case!
Both my kids were both 'born' (I guess you could say) with it, and while Keaton seems to only get it around winter, I still make sure to wash their clothes and linen with chemical free washing powder, and chemical free/fragrance free soaps etc for bath time.

I had been looking online for something natural that I could use as an alternative to the cortisone cream I had been prescribed for Dax, as he has it all over his body. An ad for The Herb Farm popped up on my Facebook news feed, and it appealed to me because its made from natural ingredients and is also made in New Zealand.

We have been using the Soothe & Heal Skin Repair System for the last 3 weeks and I am super impressed. I love that it actually works, and it contains nothing nasty and is gentle on my kids skin. Here are a few things I especially like about it:
  • The smell - you can smell the "naturalness" of it, and the scent lasts for most of the day.
  • How quickly it absorbs into the skin and it's not oily at all. The cream is a smooth texture and glides onto the skin.
  • The Soothe & Heal Soap lathers really well and is great for Dax's scalp as a shampoo as he gets eczema on his head too, this way when he showers I can use one product for all over his body.
  • A little goes a long way - the Soothe & Heal Cream comes in a 120ml jar, and we still have about half left after using it twice, sometimes three times a day for the last 3 weeks.

This is Dax's current routine to help eliminate his eczema - it may seem a little extreme, but we have been battling eczema with him since birth, and this routine is the only thing that is working.

Mornings - I wash off the creams from the night before (with hot water and flannels), then I rub a base cream (I got this from the Doctor and it's called Sorbolene- I don't believe you need a script for it - as its just a high glycerin moisturiser). I use this mainly on his face and head, as its quite runny and spreads better over his head. Then I rub Soothe & Heal Cream all over his body and face.

Evenings - if I don't shower him to get the cream off (I only shower him 3 times a week and wash his hair), I will repeat the morning routine of hot water and flannel to get the cream off him, and then repeat the steps above.

He does still have days that are worse than others and he flares up, usually its because of something I have eaten (Dairy and nuts seem to make it worse), so on those days I apply the Soothe & Heal Cream again at lunch time, and by the evening the redness has already gone.

I have found that since following this routine and using Soothe & Heal Skin Repair System - his skin is so much softer and hydrated, and almost eczema free.

Here are a few pictures to show his progress. I have to mention... he is a baby and there is no way of getting him to lie still, most of my attempts at taking pictures consisted of him laughing and waving at me, so these are the best of the bunch.

After 3 Weeks
As you can see from the pictures, his skin is noticeably clearer, and most mornings this is how his skin is. If you are like me and want something natural for dry/eczema prone skin, then give this a try - you won't be sorry.


Please note*** this may not work for everyone, and I am no eczema expert, this is just what has worked for us. I was also sent these products to try, but all opinions etc are all my own ***


  1. Nice one Claire! Like you I'm lucky and don't have Eczema myself but my Husband and his family are prone to it so I know what a hassle it can be!

  2. My son had terrible eczema ... to the point we had to wet wrap him so he could sleep. (Lived in Sydney so hot summers). Happily he grew out of it, and now (12) only gets some occasionally from chlorine or similiar irritants.

  3. Hi Claire,

    There is a doctor in Mt Wellington who is a expert at clearing eczema, let me know if you want his info. My husband gets it so bad and one visit to this doc gave him all the tools to conquer it. (all natural too he's a awardwinning GP not a hippy :P )

    1. Thanks Lisa, seems to be under control now, but if it flares up again, I will defo contact you for the details x