Mummy Monthly - 2 & 3 months

Time is speeding on in the land of parenthood. I cant believe Dax is 3 months already. Here is what he has been getting up to. 
*** I should note, he actually hits 4 months at the end of this week, I have just been slack at posting this update ***

Eating: still loving the boobie, and happy to report that we have found a bottle he will take, and no more nipple shield.

Sleeping: average, he wakes every 3 hours at night. He will have one 5 - 6 hour sleep, and then 3 hourly after that. Day sleeps are about 40-60 minutes, normally on his beanbag, or me. I plan on moving him into his bassinet for day sleeps in the next few weeks.

Loving: showers, so much easier than bathing

Disliking: his capsule - had move him into his car seat because he moans every time we go anywhere. I started turning up the car radio with white noise to keep him quiet, and that works sometimes, but driving around with a screaming baby is not fun.

Doing: all vaccinations are up to date, learnt to laugh, rolled over from tummy to back. He gives me this super cheeky grin when he wakes up, and when he is eating. He will pull off the boob and just look at me, and give me this gummy grin, its super cute.

Weight: 5.5kgs

Height: 59 cm

Teeth: nope

Nappies: infant, although they are starting to get a bit small now

Clothing: 0-3 months

He is such a happy baby, I am loving watching his little personality develop
He had his vaccinations and literally cried for about 5 seconds and was done, you wouldn't even know he had had anything done, he was not grumpy or anything. Fingers crossed the 5 month ones are just as good as these ones.

He is starting to notice things more now too, and smiles at his big brother, which just melts my heart. Awe Dax you have filled the little gap in our family that we didn't know we had, I honestly can't picture my life without you (and the rest of the clan) in it.


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