Top 5 Kmart must have's for the school holidays

Have you been into Kmart recently?
If you are anything like me you will visit a store atleast once a week (I normally head straight for the clearance section - and then work my way around - and I always leave with something that was not on my list or I don't actually need, well at the time of buying it, I need it).

Anyway back on point - have you seen all the goodies they have for kids? With school holidays coming up - next week in fact, you are bound to find something to keep the kids out of your hair. Especially if the weather is going to be rubbish, I certainly go mad having no outdoor play days!

I've put together my TOP 5 must have holiday picks for these school holidays:

Junior baseball set - Okay so I have been playing with this, I can picture summer BBQ's with the friends all playing with this (sorry kids - you can play with it when we are done).
It is great though - Keaton loves it, and has been playing with it everyday since we got it. I also love that its kind of a "one man band" - he can play by himself, which suits me at the moment, because 
a - its too cold to go out early in the morning (for me anyway), and 
b - most of my day is spent feeding or putting Dax to sleep, so this is a great thing to have in the house. The orange ball stand part is also adjustable so bigger kids can play too (ahem like mum and dad).

Kmart's Traditional range - I have been eyeing these out for a while, they would make great games to play at a wedding reception or something similar. I love the "vintage" feel of these games, they are so old school. Our current favourite is Quoits. This is great for indoor and outdoor play. Even better is that its not messy, and does not have any balls, or anything else that can destroy the house, just rope rings that you throw onto a stand. Keaton is way better at this game than me, he is very patient with my lack of throwing skills though. Check out our Instagram for action shots of Keaton.

Kids science range - why not let the kids learn while they are on holiday. These inexpensive science experiments are fab, and as soon as Keaton gets a bit older, I will be getting him some. 

Drawing, Crafting and Painting - I love the Kids and Co range that Kmart has, they have such a variety of crafts and activities for boys and girls. Again totally affordable, and will make great school holiday activities. We stocked up on drawing tools, stickers and sketch pads - because that's what Keaton loves (and if I let him loose with a paintbrush, he would try and repaint the whole house).

Playdough - Keaton was given some playdough for his birthday, and LOVES playing with it. I have stocked up on some more for the holidays. I know its easy to make, but its just as easy to buy, and the Kmart ones come with tools to make playing even more fun. Our current favourite is the waffle - icecream maker.

What are on your essentials list for the school holidays?

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