Mummy Monthly - 1 Month Old

Hello, I am back! I took a few weeks (okay 2 months) off to have another baby, and today was the first time I actually felt "normal" enough to get back into blogging. How how long it lasts I don't know, but I am going to give it a go.

I will get around to sharing my birth story, but wanted to make sure I kept up to date with my monthly updates, and seeing as Dax is one month old today, it only seems fitting.

So here is what his first month has been like:

Eating: He is a really good eater, some days he will eat for what seems like the whole day, which is draining for me, but great for him, as he is putting on weight nicely. He is exclusively breastfed. I tried to give him a expressed bottle, and he was not too keen on it, I tried 2 different bottles, so I think I will stick with the breast for now, and try the bottle out when I need to.

Sleeping: This needs a little work. Day times, I don't really time his sleeps, he does what he wants, as I go out, and people hold him etc. Night times, I was getting 5 hours, and that has dropped to 2-3 now, so not sure if he is going through some growth spurt/developmental change, but at the moment I feel as thought I am a walking zombie.

Loving: Cuddles with his big brother, and spending lots of time with me. Not that he has a choice, and I am sure its the same with all newborns (I can't remember what Keaton was like, but sure he was the same), they just seem to want to be with mum all the time. Not that I mind, well maybe a little when I need the toilet, or to eat, but so far I am making do.

Disliking: Long sleeps!!!!!

Doing: Not much really, besides looking cute all the time! He is starting to smile, which is very cute, otherwise he just eats, sleeps, poops, repeats.

Weight: around 4.2kg's - he's putting on at least 300g a week now, so can't complain.

Height: At birth he was 52cm - I have not measured him again.

Teeth: I would hope not

Nappies: He moved out of newborns yesterday and into the infant ones. Am using Huggies again, I find them the best for little babies, the older he gets the less phased I will be. Keaton uses the home brand ones from countdown for night time, and they are great (on that, he had his first "dry night" 2 nights ago - eeek, this could be the start of nappy less nights completely soon!).

Clothing: He has been in premie and newborn clothing, which I am now starting to pack away, as he has way too many clothes. Mainly in the 0-3 month bracket, so I am starting to put him in that size, just so I can get some wear out of them all before I have to pack them all away again.

I can't believe that Dax is already a month old, it has gone so fast, and its starting to sink in how much I took for granted with Keaton. I think first borns do that to you though. You so badly want them to hit all their milestones quickly, that you don't see how quickly time is going, and before you know it, they are 3. 

Dax is completely different to his brother. He has dark hair, and is generally a very chilled baby. I am loving being a mum of 2, and while I am in no hurry, I can't wait for him and Keaton to be at the ages where they can play together.

My Other Name Is mum - Monthly Baby Update
Happy One Month little Dax!


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