Mummy Monthly - 3 year update

3 year update - my other name is mum

I have a 3 year old - say what???? Where have the last 3 years gone? 
We celebrated his third birthday last week and his party was on the weekend!
I left my dad in camera duty as trying to entertain guests and look after a newborn was enough for me,

Here's what Keaton has gotten up to this last year.

Saying - you can have a full on adult conversation with him now, I'm amazed at his vocabulary and the ease in which he can string sentences together. He does not stop talking from the time he wakes up, until the time he goes to sleep, he just talks - about everything and anything, and he remembers everything too, he is like a sponge and just takes everything in.

Loves - paw patrol, he is obsessed with it, he watches it before bed, and knows the words, he even has to have his fire hat on while watching it. 
He also still loves fire trucks, we actually had a fire truck birthday party for him this year.

Disliking - he doesn't like green vegetables. No matter what they are, he refuses to eat them.

He loves being a big brother, he calls Dax "the little fella" or "little froggie", on the occasion he does refer to him as Dax, his lisp makes the pronunciation sound even cuter.

He still suffers from lactose intolerance and knows he can't have normal milk. It's definitely not as bad as it was, but we just have to watch what he eats. 
He still also has his "ginger" temper and breath holding, it seems to be getting a bit worse though. He gets so angry sometimes and holds his breath and turns blue - he snaps out of it as soon as I throw water on his face. 

Other things he can do. 
Recite the alphabet, count to 20, and can sometimes count down from 10.
I am teaching him to spell his name. He can cut, draw faces. He knows Maori songs (heck he knows more Maori than me). He can dress himself, is toilet trained. Put on his shoes - he gets his own water, can kind of make his bed. Cleaning up is still a negotiation though.

He is the type of child who knows what he wants and will negotiate until he gets his way. He throws the occasional tantrum, and I have started leaving him to get over it, once he is calm he always apologies to me for what he has done, so fingers crossed that lasts. He doesn't have a day time nap anymore and by dropping that he goes to be around 7pm and sleeps until 6/6.30am - which is great. He is a great night time sleeper and does not wake to his brothers crying etc.

He brushes his teeth by himself and then I give them the once over - he knows if he doesn't brush them, the man will come and take his teeth out!

He says his prayers before most meals, and every night before bed. He says the same prayer my mom taught my sister and me when we little, and I still say it every night! I hope that he will pass it on to his children one day!


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