Time for a change

In case you have missed it, I have renamed my blog.
To be honest I have no idea where Girl On A Missi0n came from - I think I had tried to blog years ago, and that was the name I used, so when I went into blogger to start my mummy blog, it was already set up. At the time I was not too clued up with blogger, so it was easier to just stick with what was already there.

It does not really suit my style of blogging anymore. I am not a girl - yes I am on a mission, but I am a mum, and a wife now, so I thought it only fit to have a little makeover, and what time is better than a week before I have my second child.

So My Other Name Is Mum was born!

That is all that is really changing, just the name, the sarcasm, dumb remarks, baking attempts etc will stay the same, but will be under a new umbrella, one that I hope to achieve great things with (well as great as I can make them).

Anyway I hope you will stick around for the journey.

On another note, as I am ready to "pop", you may find my blog taking a little break for a few weeks. I promise to be back once I have recovered and settled into being a mum of 2, but I will be active on social media, so make sure you follow me on there, so you don't miss out on anything.



  1. I love the new blog name and colour scheme!! Yippee! All the best for the upcoming arrival chicky! I look forward to hearing the news of your new arrival! Enjoy the blog break!

  2. Awe Thanks for the kind words - there is so much that I still need to update. Thank goodness for being on leave :)