Hospital Bag Essentials - A guide on what to Pack for Mums and Bubs

There are so many things available nowadays for new and current mums that it can sometimes be quite daunting trying to make sure you have everything packed for your hospital/birthing unit stay.

There were so many things that I packed for my first pregnancy that I didn’t even use, and there were things that I didn’t even think to pack, this time around I thought I would share what I have packed in case there may be something on here that you have missed for your bag.

For Mum
  • Dark coloured granny panties (preferably a size bigger than you would normally go for), as you will be wearing surf boards down there, and you wont be wanting anything tight in that area for a while.
  • Maternity pads – or the heaviest flow pads you can find that, I have a mix of maternity ones and the night times ones - they are HUGE!!!!!
  • Breast pads – either fabric ones or the disposable ones, I have both, I prefer the fabric reusable ones (these are more for when your milk comes in)
  • Singlet tops, or any breastfeeding tops – My first born slept on my chest in my shirt the first night – it was the only way he would sleep – and I only had one shirt. Also get dark shirts – I had a light grey breastfeeding top and its stained with nipple cream.
  • Nipple shields – not everyone will need or use these, I didn’t know I would need them, so never bought any – I battled to feed Keaton, and once I got the shields he latched on instantly – they also help preventing you getting very sore nipples, just make sure you get the right size - if in doubt, go up a size
  • Gifts for siblings (from the baby to the older child/ren), I have packed 4 gifts from the baby for Keaton. I am not sure how he is going to react to his new brother, so hopefully the gifts will be a hit. (I bought him cars, and puzzles - just small things that I know he likes and will appreciate, and that he can play with at the hospital too).
  • Phone charger
  • Bathroom Supplies,  towel, shampoo, conditioner, soap, slippers, deo, hair brush, hair ties, loofah, toothpaste, toothbrushes, (I packed a spare one for hubby too)
  • Comfy clothes for when you leave the hospital, and also if you don't want to stay in Pj's all the time – things that are elasticated because you are going to leave there with a wobble jobbly tummy.
  • For the maternity room – snacks for you and hubby – because sometimes it can take a while
  • Nipple cream - from memory the midwifes at the hospital gave me little sachets of nipple cream, but that was just my hospital, so best to be prepared

For Baby
      • Woollen beanie, mittens and booties, these 3 areas need to be kept warm, and heat escapes these areas first.
      • Dummy/Pacifier – again you don’t know if your little one is going to want one or not, we didn’t take one to the hospital and Keaton loved his dummy when he was a baby, so have made sure to pack one this time.
      • Bottle – again, you never know if you are going to be able to breastfeed, so best to have a backup just in case, again I believe the hospitals normally have bottles and formula incase you can't, or choose not to breastfeed.
      • Blanket to keep them all snug and swaddled, and also one to take them home in.
      • Clothes to wear while in hospital, and take home clothes, merino is popular, and also vests and onsies.
      • Nappies and wet wipes – I know in New Zealand you get a pack of nappies in your ward, but good to have a back up. Try and go for unscented wipes and stay away from creams etc they don't need them, and their skin is so sensitive, so stick to fragrance free, or water wipes, or even better make your own wipes to take - check out my baby wipe DIY here.

      I ended up packing 2 hospital bags, one for me and one for baby because it was just easier to have everything in separate bags. 
      I also packed a bag for Keaton incase we need to dash to the hospital in the middle of the night, as he will need to be dropped off, and the last thing I want to do while in labour is pack another bag.

      This is just my list, everyone will have their own list of things, but from having one child already, I kind of know what I need to make my and bubs hospital stay easy.

      What were/are your hospital bag must have's?

      What to Pack in my Hospital Bag


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      1. Funny story Claire I didn't have my bag packed and I had to pack it after my waters broke as I was going into labour at 31wks! So I think being organised is really great! I wish I had been more organised at the time (though we all survived it was 15yrs ago this year!)

        1. I was worried I would not have packed my bag in time - I cant imagine how stressful it must have been packing while in labour! :)

      2. Oh now you've got me thinking! It was quite a while ago (my kids are 19 and 21). We used cloth nappies back then and disposable only rarely when going out! When is #2 due?!

        Visiting from #teamIBOT x

        1. Thanks for stopping by - hes due on the 29th - so not long to go now. :)

      3. Your bags sound like mine! What a great list you have put together Claire, sounds like you are GOOD TO GO!!! Come on baby!! Be sure to grab a few new magazines (Woman's Day, OHbaby Magazine and/or Your Home and Garden) to read...who knows your might get 1/2 hour 'ME' TIME :) :)

        1. Defo need magazines - I always forget to pack them when I go places... think I just rely on my phone too much :)

      4. Not long to go now! Can't think of anything you have missed from your bags - but do remember to have the carseat ready! All the best!

        1. Yes - I have installed the base already - as hubby will be clueless when it comes to that kind of thing, so all he needs to do is bring it to the hospital :) he he

      5. I'm so glad I don't have to think about this ever again. I'm quite happy knowing all my babies have been born :)