Weekly Windup #4

Welcome to week #4 of my weekly wind up – a weekly recap of the things I have gotten up to. If you are new to my Blog – Welcome, it’s so nice to have you stop by. If you would like to find out more about me, click here, and don’t forget to follow me on social media where I am a lot more active in posting updated content.

Doing: We celebrated a friends Hens night on Saturday - we went to Encore (it's a cabaret and entertainment place) - it was great, I have never been to something like that before, so had a fab time. Even got to watch some strippers in action (apologies in advance for the semi porno picture of that lap dance - (I'm here to share, so its only fair to add it in too). 

We are still sorting out the babies room - there is always something to do in there, and I feel as though time is ticking and I am standing still - hopefully it will be done by next week. I have managed to make lists of what needs to be packed in our hospital bags, so we moving in the right direction.
Its also been super hot here, so its really hard to get motivated to do anything - apparently its sticking around this week, which means more sleepless nights and sweat!!! EWE!!!!

Snapping: Carrying on with my @FMSphotoaday Challenge -have a look on my Instagram to see what pics I took - my January attempt was a bit dismal, I think I only managed to post one picture from the challenge last week. February is a new month, with new pictures, so here's hoping I can complete the months challenges.

Here is the rest of my week in pictures - naturally most of them are of Keaton.
We can't go out without him taking "Janine" with him, and she has to be swaddled. This particular day was very sunny out, so he insisted on wearing my sunnies.

He has started saying his prayers this way now - its super cute, and he knows to say them before he eats, which saves me reminding him to say them.

Out and about at our local new hang out - he absolutely loves this place. He met a boy there yesterday and they were racing around the track together.

After work swims at our local beach - love this place.
 Buying: I managed to only spend $2 this week - (well on purchases other than the essentials) - and it wasn't even something for me. Again it came from my handy Kmart, and is this super cute plate for Keaton.

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  1. I totally failed at FMS Photo a Day Challenge for January! Life is just too busy at the moment. I might do random photos this month, who knows! How cute is Keaton saying his prayers :) And I am totally loving that plate :)

  2. Ha Ha - I feel ya - I failed this week already... oh well! :)