Weekly Wind Up Week #5

Welcome to week #5 of my weekly wind up – a weekly recap of the things I have gotten up to. If you are new to my Blog – Welcome, it’s so nice to have you stop by. If you would like to find out more about me, click here, and don’t forget to follow me on social media where I am a lot more active in posting updated content.

Doing: As little as possible - well besides work. I'm really struggling at the moment with the heat and my ever expanding belly, its making doing things really hard. Add on that a busy toddler, and I am absolutely shattered. I am now counting down the days until my maternity leave starts, so I can hopefully relax and take it easy. 

I did get more of the baby room done, and nearly all of his clothes are washed and put away, so we are getting there. Next is to pack the hospital bags.

Snapping: Attempting to carry on with my @FMSphotoaday Challenge -have a look on my Instagram to see what pics I took - (well there were none for this week... ooops
Here is the rest of my week in pictures.

We made cupcakes - and I had this cutie helping me. He took great delight in showing me that he was only wearing his apron. He was actually really good at the mixing process - and even managed to ice and decorate some of the cupcakes. Think this will have to become a regular thing in our house hold.

I can't believe that I am in my 33rd week of pregnancy - its gone super fast. I have not done a bump date in a few weeks, so need to get back into that, as I love looking back at them. 
Looking Forward to: This is a short week for me, we have a public holiday here tomorrow, and then I am on leave on Friday - as we are off to a wedding. I am a bridesmaid, hopefully the weather is not too hot, as its a beach wedding, so don't want to be passing out half way through the ceremony. Its also a childless weekend (well besides the baby - he doesn't really get a say) - Keaton is spending the weekend with my parents, so will be good to get away before the baby comes.

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  1. Yaye for a Kid-free Weekend! Enjoy it mate! Look forward to hearing all about it next week! Stay Cool :)