Stripes! No, Spots - A book review

Recently I was sent a copy of Stripes! No, Spots! We have a lot of books in our little collection, but none from this author, so I was super excited to read it over the holidays.

This quirky and simply adorable story follows a tiger and a leopard who disagree about whether stripes or spots are the tops. Their disagreement soon becomes a battle, and by lunch time the whole jungle is a mess. The animals in the jungle join forces in coming up with a cunning plan to resolve the matter that will bring out the best in everyone... well, almost everyone.


Written and illustrated by the very talented and acclaimed designer (and not to mention local Aucklander) Vasanti Unka. Stripes! No, Spots oozes vibrant colours, bold images, and fold out pages that keep little eyes engrossed in the story from start to finish. 

This book has quickly become one of our favourite bedtime stories, which is a pleasant change from the previous one we had. I especially love that the book is not too wordy, and there are enough images on the pages to keep little minds stimulated.

This book is a definate must for your book collection, especially if you have a little animal lover in your house like we do.

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