30 Week Bump Date

Hello week 30 - we have made it, and are in the home stretch. Here are the dodgy bump pics courtesy of Keaton's bathroom step.

How far along: 30 Weeks
Stretch marks: Nope
Movement: All the time 
Currently craving: Gerkins - even take them to work so I can munch on them. 
Total weight gain: XXXXXXX
Maternity clothes: Yes
Sleep: whats that? I think on top of being pregnant and also the heat, sleep has gone out the window, I seem to toss and turn all night long, oh yes and then I have to pee, always when I am in bed, and its such a mission.
Best moment this week: Our Scan - last time we did not have a 30 week scan (we did have a 3D one, but he was hiding, so could not see too much of his face) - this time around - we were able to see so much in the 2D one, and even managed to get a face shot in 3D
Big Brother: Decided the baby is a girl and her name will be "Rangitoto Firetruck"
Miss anything? Not really
Gender: It's a BOY!!!!!!!
Symptoms: Swelling in my fingers - it sucks, and heartburn
Labour signs: no
Belly button in or out? The top is starting to become an outie, the rest is still an innie
Wedding rings on or off? Had to take them off - which I am not happy about, but my pork sausage fingers just don't like having a ring on them.
Looking forward to: buying matching kids outfits 

This has been a good week, we got to find out the gender of our little one, and also got to see what he looks like - its also great because now he is not an "IT" and can call him, well him. He is head down, so lets hope he does not decide to move around in the next 10 weeks.
10 Weeks to go! Lets hope it gets a bit cooler!

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  1. Yaye for another lil Boy!! Congrats my friend!!!! had a little giggle at your weight lol You are looking fabulous!!

    1. He He - I couldn't remember what it was when I was writing the post - so thought that would be the next best thing! Yay for boys!!!!!