23 - 27 Week Bump Dates

I received my hospital papers a few weeks back – so its made things a little more real now. Its always scary that things become more real when they are on paper – well for me anyway. This past week has been pretty easy – nothing really exciting has happened on the baby front. We have started cleaning out the spare room/office, I say we – I have been moving stuff and getting brad to find new homes for it. Its been super hot here, and the heat doesn't normally get to me, but I think my belly is some sort of beacon that attracts the heat. I did my glucose test on Christmas eve, and I assume everything was fine, as I have not heard from my midwife, so I am going with the no news is good news theory. 

I cant believe that its 2016 already - in less than 3 months we will have a new addition to the family, and I absolutely cannot wait!

Here is what the bump has gotten up to in the last few weeks.
How far along: currently 27 weeks

Stretch marks: Nope

Movement: All the time

Currently craving: Nothing in particular this week – just eating lots of food!

Total weight gain: 2.0 Kgs

Maternity clothes: Yes – have had to get some new prego tops, as none of the ones I have cover my bump anymore.

Sleep: What is that? Nah it’s not too bad – I have been waking up lots though, and it’s hard to get comfortable.

Best moment this week: – Dad got kicked again, tried to get Keaton to feel the kicking, but he was more interested in watching video’s.

Big Brother: Has decided the baby is now a boy, so I don't think I can take his "sibling" intuition seriously, as he keeps chopping and changing his mind

Miss anything? Not really

Gender: no idea - however, we have a scan at the end of the month and brad has decided that we have to know what we are having, so stay tuned to find out what we the gender is.

Symptoms: Swelling in my fingers - it sucks

Labour signs: no

Belly button in or out? The top is starting to become an outie, the rest is still an innie

Wedding rings on or off? On

Looking forward to: My midwife appointment in a few weeks, and also my scan.

I promise to try and make more of an effort into my blog this year - it is definitely a priority, especially my bump date posts (well I will continue these until the baby comes), so please bare with me.

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