Funky Giraffe Bandana Bibs

GIRLONAMISSI0N_FUNKY_GIRAFFE_BIBSIf you have a baby/toddler, then you no doubt have bibs. I had a super dribbly baby, so I had an abundance of bibs, some styles I liked more than others. My stand out favourtie were and are the bandana bibs.

I was super stoked to be asked to try out some bandana bibs from the Funky Giraffe bib range.

The idea around these bibs are that dressing your child should be pleasure not a chore (Hell yes), They are designed for mums, buy a mum, so you can feel at ease knowing that they are going to work. And its even better supporting mums to..

The bibs are 100% cotton, and have this super soft fleece backing which absorbs the dribble. Another thing I love is that they are adjustable, so they can grow with your child (there is nothing worse than having to keep getting new bibs because they get too small too quickly).
They have a huge range of bib styles and colours/patterns, you can even personalise your own, and the site is not limited to just bibs, they also sell scarves, burp cloths, scratch mittens and socks. You have to check them out, the bibs are absolutely stunning, it was so hard for me to choose the ones I wanted.

My bibs took about 5 days to arrive (I ordered them and received them before Christmas) - super impressive. I got mine from the Australian site, but there are also sites for the US and UK.

I love the bibs I received. As we currently don't know the gender of our little one, I selected gender neutral bibs, and I am so excited to try them out on bubs when it arrives in a couple of months.

But wait there is more.... YOU can win a set of 10 bibs for your little boy or girl too. All you need to do is enter on Facebook - What are you waiting for?


  1. These are THE cutest bibs!! My son didn't really like wearing bibs (darn it) but I have friends with babies and tots who look adorable in them :) Great review Claire.

  2. You so lucky you didn't have a dribbler!!! With Keaton I went through about 20 bibs a day (no lie)