Christmas Eve Kids Goodie Box

Christmas Eve in our house is going to be manic this year. It is already getting crazy with having all the Christmas decorations up, and the arrival of Basil (Our Christmas elf – you can read more about him here). So I want to make sure that Christmas Eve is not going to be too manic (well I am hoping).

I have never done this before– (my toddler is only 2.5) so before now, it would have been pretty pointless. He is now at the age where he knows who Santa is, and what he brings, so is super excited for Christmas Day and all that it involves.

For those of you that don’t know what the “Christmas Eve Box” is, it’s a box of goodies to help bring a little “peace” and calmness to the house on Christmas eve. It’s filled with goodies for the kids to enjoy and help get them ready for bed, so that Santa can come and do his thing. They don’t have to be expensive, or new, and absolutely anything goes – so use your imagination and put things in that your kids will like. 

Here is what is in my Christmas Eve Box for my toddler 

Christmas Story Book (I found this for the bargain price of $1.50 on trade me)

A new set of PJ's – Fireman pj’s are a must in our house, and these are coming at the perfect time.

A Christmas Day Shirt – we are recycling last year’s shirt – as it was worn for one day and it still fits – so I can’t see the point in getting another one just for the sake of it.

A Christmas DVD – Christmas eve is not Christmas eve without a Christmas movie – this year we are watching Santa Paws

Popcorn – you can’t watch a movie without popcorn

Reindeer food
– Santa’s helpers need to eat while Santa is in the house

Chocolate Lollies – fitting little chocolate Santa’s to nibble on

I can’t wait to see his face when this arrives on Christmas eve for him. Perhaps Basil will have to give it to him. (check out my Instagram to follow my Elf on the Shelf picture updates and see his reaction when he gets given his Christmas Eve Box)
As the years go on - I am sure there will be things I will add and take out, but I think this is a good start - and it was not too expensive to put together at all.
I thought it would be cute to stick this on the Reindeer food - feel free to print it and use it on yours if you wish.

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  1. Keaton is going to LOVE this box, especially those pjs! Cute overload! You have inspired me Claire! I am going to put one together for the kids :) Thanks for being a part of the 12 Days of Christmas - A Blog Collaboration :)

  2. I love the pjs too! Where did you get them? I love the idea of doing a Christmas Eve box, but haven't done one so far - maybe this year. I've also thought of doing it on the first day of the school holidays and they can sit in their new pjs and watch movies and have a rest day.

    1. They were from Farmers - they are so cute, cant wait for him to see them :) - Love the idea of a school holidays box - that's a fab idea. Thanks for stopping by :)