22 Week Bump Date

This has been a quiet week – everything was fine at my midwifes appointment, and she said I could go one the ferry to waiheke island (I thought I would be fine, but needed to check) – so looking forward to that in a few weeks’ time. Have also been loving wearing maternity clothes at the moment. I am not normally one who cares much for dressing up, but am enjoying wearing maxi skirts and leggings (well not at the same time). I can’t believe how quickly time is going – it’s just crazy that we are already more than halfway. My hospital bed has been booked – so that’s one more thing to cross off the list too. Here is what the bump has gotten up to this week.

How far along: 22 weeks

Stretch marks: Nope

Movement: All the time

Currently craving: Egg and Mayo sandwiches – I am not sure if they are really cravings, and I don’t have my mind set on them, but they are super yummy, and are my lunch of choice at the moment

Total weight gain: 2.0 Kgs

Maternity clothes: Not really clothes – but hubby bought me Sketches GoWalk3’s – OMG they are the best shoe ever – a definite must for prego feet. Also maxi skirts and maternity tops with the elastic on the sides – my current t-shirts don’t fit anymore.

Sleep: My bladder seems to have shrunk, and am having to get up most nights to go to the bathroom – which then means I can’t get back to sleep.

Best moment this week: – Baby soccer kicked Brad this week on the way to work, it was the first time he felt the baby kicking.

Big Brother: Thinks that my belly button is a port to the baby – and kisses and talks to it through there all the time. He also seems to want to talk to it while I am pushing him in the trolley and tries to list my shirt up in the shops. He is adamant it’s a girl and refers to the baby as “her”.

Miss anything? Not really

Gender: no idea

Symptoms: Pain at the top of my stomach (midwife says it because the baby is moving on up) – also my pubic bone is starting to stretch – it was the same with Keaton – it’s the worst pain in the world – especially when I get up from lying down.
Labour signs: no

Belly button in or out? The top is starting to become an outie, the rest is still an innie

Wedding rings on or off? On

Looking forward to: My next scan at 30 weeks.

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  1. I love it how toddlers perceive pregnancies! It's so cute! yaye for Daddy feeliing bubba move! EXCITING!

  2. Yeah toddlers and pregnancies are the best. He now goes around calling it pink girl! lol