Wooden Rail Overpass Set Review and Giveaway

I love toys, Keaton loves toys too, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love toys. I sometimes play with Keaton’s toys when he is not around. I especially love wooden toys, I think it takes me back to “the olden days”, they have that vintage feel to them which I absolutely love, they also seem to last longer than plastic toys.

We were sent this fab little set to review from babies.co.nz (you have to check out their website if you have not heard of them before). They have the most amazing things, and they are super affordable too. And shipping is free on orders over $100, otherwise its $4.99 for all other orders (NZ delivery only).
This 40 piece set is a bargain – I love that you can play with the bits separately or join them all together to make a little wooden village, you can even use it on a carpet play mat if you desire. The puzzle base is great because its just the right size to learn how puzzles work. Keaton instantly wanted to build the bridge, and for the most part got it spot on. Once our little village was complete, we spent ages racing the cars up and over the bridge, and through the little village. We even added a few guests to the village. It’s really easy to assemble, and I love how shapes have been incorporated into the set, e.g. the shop is made up of a square and a triangle, and the church a rectangle and a triangle, so not only is it a toy set, but an educational one too.

Here’s what you get in the set:
-          4 toy cars
-          Three little people
-          A floor puzzle (8 piece)
-          3 houses
-          5 trees
-          Road and bridge passes
-          Stop and go signs

Made from New Zealand Pine, for ages 3 and up, well Keaton is 2 and a half and he was perfectly fine with the little pieces, so would use the the age specification as a guide. This would make a great gift for any little kid who loves not only cars, but loves building and assembling things too. Its definitely a favourite in our house at the moment, and its something that will last.

Whats your favourite toy/set at the moment?
The lovely ladies at babies.co.nz have given me one of these great sets to giveaway - head over to my Facebook page to find out how you can win one.. 
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