Smith & Caugheys - Santa's Enchanted Forrest 2015

Look who has finally made friends with Santa. Its only take 3 years, but we have finally succeeded.
When Santa asked him  what he wanted for Christmas he answered "presents", I think he was a bit overwhelmed, but was so good, super happy we can now have pictures where there is not Extreme terror on his face.

If you are in Auckland and are wanting to get pictures taken with Santa, I highly recommend going to Santa's Enchanted Forest at Smith and Caugheys, this is the third year we have gone there, and it never disappoints. We went late afternoon, walked in, paid, went up, saw Santa, had our picture and were done, it was the quickest we have ever been there, so will be back same time next year.

This year you have the option of pre booking - or there is just the standard option (which is the one we did) - and if you get your timing right it will be a breeze.

Here are a few pictures - hopefully without giving too much away to those who have never been and want to go.

And finally the first successful family picture

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