17 ,18,19 & 20 week bump date

My tummy seems to have really popped out now, which seems to have its pro’s and con’s, on the plus side I don’t look like I am carrying a food baby, but on the down side most of my pants no longer close - although my handy elastic band trick still works for the times I need a pair of pants.

How far along: 17,18,19,20 weeks

This week in 3 words: Enjoyable, Excited, Loved

Stretch marks: nope

Movement: yes, it even got annoyed that Keaton was sleeping on my tummy, and started tapping on my belly as if to say “ excuse me, I am in here”.

Currently craving: Still Avo’s, and also whole nut chocolate

Total weight gain: 1.5kg

Maternity clothes: Am wearing a shirt I wore when I was pregnant with Keaton – mainly to work, just because its comfortable, and has the elastic bits on the side. Also loving my Kmart elastic waist pants still – I think I need to get another pair, and also invest in some sketches to keep my poor little feet happy.

Sleep: Managing on about 8 hours

Best moment this week: Keaton coming in to tell me he wants to listen to Terry. We listen most mornings and he get so excited. Another more funny moment was when we were getting ready to go out, and we looked and Keaton had put bio oil on his tummy, and had the headphones to the Doppler monitor on, and was trying to listen to " the baby" in his tummy, was very cute.

Big Brother: talk about the baby, and likes to listen to its heartbeat, I think he is still too young to understand what is going on though.

Miss anything? Still biltong, and feeling like ham too

Gender: no idea

Symptoms: none

Labour signs: no

Belly button in or out? The top is starting to become an outie, the rest is still an innie

Wedding rings on or off? On

Looking forward to: My 20 week scan

Not a lot has happened baby wise in the last 3 weeks, but there has been some other stuff going on, hence my lack of posting. Fingers crossed I can get it all back on track and get back to my regular bump date posts.
Had my 20 week scan this week, it was great seeing how the baby has grown in only 7 weeks. We managed not to find out the gender, although hubby really wanted to know. 
Instead of bump shots, here are 2 pictures of what is inside the bump - we did not get any really good ones of the baby, so here are its feet and a thumbs up. Pretty cute ey?

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  1. This is a lovely blog!


  2. nawww HELLO BUBBA! Love the pic of him/her waving. Super excited for you all Claire.

    1. Its getting closer and closer now.... I was very cute to see it waving. :)