Potty Training – what I have learnt and my tips

When Keaton was about 20 months old, he started showing a slight interest in the potty. So I did what any other parent would do, went out and bought a potty, a toilet seat, undies, a step, and stickers.
I put him in undies and said “okay let me know when you need to use the toilet”, FAIL!!!!!! He went on the floor, in the cot, everywhere possible, so I stopped trying. I left him in nappies, and at bath time, or in the mornings, I would ask him if he needed to use the toilet, sometimes he would say no, other times he would go and sit on there and do nothing. No biggie, I kept asking and he seemed to want to use it more and more. I tried not to pressure him to go, he liked watching my husband go, and would get quite annoyed if he missed it.

Recently he started wanting to do number 2’s in the toilet, he seems to know when he needs to do those more than with number 1’s, so that’s great, he takes his nappy off and goes to the toilet. He likes to stand and wee (like his daddy), sometimes he will sit, but otherwise its stand up and aim – which he is really good at, he has not made a mess yet. He won’t use the potty, or the little seat insert, he kind of climbs on and holds on to the sides of the toilet – how he has not fallen in, I do not know.
I started letting him wear undies for a few hours on the weekends, just while we were at home, and he had a few accidents, but was really good most of the time.
I forgot to take nappies to school last week, and his teacher said, why not try him in undies. So we did – he only had 2 accidents, which I thought was great, especially as we have not let him go the whole day in undies before. He spent the whole weekend in undies, we went out, and there were no accidents. I make sure to take him to the toilet as soon as we get to where we are going, and then half an hour after, and just before we leave, he seems to have the hang of it now.

He is by no means fully potty trained, (he still sleeps in nappies), but given the option on what to wear, he picks undies every time. He won’t always tell me when he needs to go, so I just set my alarm and take him at intervals, which seems to work.

Potty Training Tips - My Other Name Is Mum

I am no pro here, but here are 5 things that have helped us with this process:
  • Don’t pressure them – they will do things in their own time, you can get a sense when they are ready, and at that time praise them as much as possible for every little thing they do on the toilet.

  • Stickers and making it fun are your best friend. We have a chart in the bathroom, it’s nothing fancy – I had one side for wee’s and one for poo’s – he doesn’t care which side the sticker goes on, he just wants to stick on one.  we make going to the toilet fun, we have a race to see who can get there first, and when is on the toilet I say things like “you can’t wee on there can you?” and then when he does, I make a shocked face and say something like “ WHAT???” and act all surprised, he loves it. We then do a high five, I let him flush, and we repeat 30 minutes later.

  • Privacy is important – I am not sure if this applies to all kids, but with Keaton, he likes to do his number 2’s privately, so will go to the toilet and close the door, he lets me know when he is done, and then I can go in and wipe – I also make a big fuss about number 2’s, and we wave and say “goodbye poo” when we flush.

  • Learn their routine, it will help prevent accidents and get a basic idea of when they go – I know Keaton likes to normally do his business in the morning, so I will keep an eye on him more then, and encourage him to go after breakfast.

  • Get undies, and lots of them – I think we have about 25 pairs, not so much for the messing, but it’s a tough decision deciding what pair of undies to wear (well for a 2 year old), so always have a good supply, and also that you don’t run out when accidents happen. I also found switching from normal nappies to the nappy pants (not the pull ups – well I use them too), as its easier for them to wear those, and pull them down to go to the toilet when they are learning. I found normal nappies to be a pain as he would get frustrated trying to pull them down.
If you are starting this process, good luck – stick with it, and do what works for you and your toddler. Fingers crossed this method continues to work for us, and we will soon say goodbye to the nappies… well until number 2 comes along, and then this whole thing will start again!!!



  1. Great tips Claire!! Thank you for sharing your experiences and advice/tips!! Won't be long until we are at THAT stage!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by - not looking forward to doing it all again when number #2 arrives

  2. Just starting to think about this. It seems crazy how quickly it is coming up. Thanks for the tips ��

    1. oooh good luck - it defo has its good and bad days :)