15 week bump date

Another week gone and another week closer to having 2 little humans running around. I am writing this post sitting outside my sons bedroom door while I battle to try and get him to sleep (thanks daylight savings). I can't be too mad at him I guess, he went the whole day at daycare today with no nappy on! I think we have made progress!!!!!

Anyway back to the update:

How far along: 15 weeks 

This week in 3 words: Stressed, Tired, Excited

Stretch marks: nope

Movement: yes - very slight, but as I know what to feel for, I can definitely feel something happening.

Currently craving: Potato Salad

Total weight gain: nothing yet

Maternity clothes: I had to close my pants with a hair tie at work, think it’s time to move to the elasticated waist pants.

Sleep: Getting what I need

Best moment this week: Letting Keaton hear the heartbeat (we have Doppler thingie so we can hear the heartbeat at home) – he loved it.

Miss anything? Still biltong, and feeling like ham too

Gender: no idea

Symptoms: had morning sickness on Monday, needing to pee more, and the obvious larger belly

Labour signs: no

Belly button in or out? In/ kind of not as deep as it used to be.

Wedding rings on or off? On

Looking forward to: not having any further morning sickness

3 more weeks until I see my midwife again, I have been planning my leave and sorting out all the forms this week (I like to be organised) so should have those ready to submit in the next few weeks.

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