Finish Quantum Max Dishwasher Tablets - Lemon Sparkle Review

I had great plans for this blog post, I really did, but our kitchen is still not finished (just minor things like painting), so still don’t want to do the “big reveal” on here yet. We do love it though, and it has made such a huge difference having a workable space, oh yes and a dishwasher. Which leads me onto my review.

I was kindly sent some Finish Quantum Max Dishwasher tablets to review. They came at the perfect time, as I had just run out of my dish washing powder. Now I am probably way behind the times, but I have not ever used tablets before. Our old house had dish drawers, and the previous owners had said that we can only use the powder in the dish drawers, so we never questioned it. Also the place for the powder/tablets had a little plastic spike in it (I assume to make sure that no tablets were put in there).

Since having our new kitchen – and a newly installed dishwasher, we have been using it heaps, who would have thought a toddler uses so many things. One minute he wants a blue cup, then a green one, then one without the Sippy bit, before you know it, you have dirtied 4 different cups. Said toddler also likes to be super helpful and pour the dish washing powder into the machine, sometimes when we are not around to supervise, and you walk in to a wonderful mound of white powder all over the place.

I have been using Finish Quantum Max for the past week, and I feel like a child with a new toy. Keaton can pop one in to the dishwasher and there is NO mess, its wonderful (we do keep the cupboard locked, so he can’t just go popping things in the dishwasher without us there). I also like the bags they come in, it makes them super handy to store, and they take up hardly any space.
Our glasses especially had started coming out all cloudy, which meant they had to be washed again. After using Finish Quantum Max I noticed an almost instant change in the cleanliness of the glasses especially, they now sparkle and I don’t need to double wash them. They also make my dishwasher smell amazing, lemon is one of my favourite smells, and this really leaves a yummy lemony smell in the dishwasher.

A little bit about Finish Quantum Max
  • They contain a quick dissolving power gel that washes away residue, leaving an amazing shine on your cups, glasses, plates etc.
  • There is this little red Power ball that penetrates, breaks down, and lifts away dried food – even ifs it’s been on there for 24 hours
  • The powder contains a bleach that cleans tough stains like tea and coffee (which I especially love, as there is nothing worse than taking a cup out of the cupboard and it’s all tea stained.
  • They are available in 3 fabulous variants – Apple and Lime Blast, Lemon Sprinkle, and Baking Soda.
  • The best part, your local supermarket stocks them – I have shopped around, and they all have them.

 So if you have a messy toddler, drink lots of tea, have a smelly dishwasher, or your current powder or tablets are just not up to scratch, then give Finish Quantum Max Dishwasher Tablets a try – you won’t be sorry!

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