16 Week Bump Date

4 months – almost half way there – it’s absolutely crazy how quickly time is going, it’s going to be March before I know it. Here is what has been happening to the bun and the oven.

How far along: 16 weeks 

This week in 3 words: Annoyed, Excited, Blessed

Stretch marks: nope

Movement: yes, it’s starting to move more. I was listening to its heartbeat, and I keep hearing it kicking and moving, it’s like a little fish – just swims away the whole time. I can feel butterflies a lot more this week than last week too.

Currently craving: Avocado’s – on toast with salt, yummmmmy

Total weight gain: I have hit the 60kg mark (I was 62 before I got sick – so that was around 8 weeks)

Maternity clothes: After my elastic band incident last week, I went on the hunt for some comfy pants. I found these amazing pants at Kmart in the maternity section, they are black, cuffed at the ankle and have  elastic and draw string waist – their maternity clothes only start in size 10, which sucks as size 10 is just too big for me, so luckily I can pull the draw string tightly for now.

Sleep: it’s getting more uncomfortable to sleep on my stomach, so sleeping on my side or back until I can no longer sleep on my back.

Best moment this week: Keaton kissing my belly and saying hello to Terry.

Miss anything? Still biltong, and feeling like ham too

Gender: no idea

Symptoms: Have a hormonal gross pimple breakout on my back – YUK!!!! At least it’s not on my face, but still.
Labour signs: no

Belly button in or out? In/ kind of not as deep as it used to be.

Wedding rings on or off? On

Looking forward to: My midwife appointment next week

The baby has been spoilt, both sets of grandparents have bought clothes for terry, loving the grey theme that is starting to happen, as that is kind of the nursery plan. I also looked in the cupboard and got over whelmed at how many clothes I have already (from Keaton) – currently the 0-3 month range has 2 x 60L plastic boxes full of clothes, the other size ranges are just as bad – so don’t think I will need to get too many new pieces, well after 3 months most things are boy specific, so if it’s a girl, then we will have a small problem, but for the meantime 0-3 months is sorted.

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