Educational Colours art & craft range Review

 Keaton loves to paint, he mostly paints at school and on the odd occasion at home. I am not keen on the whole painting at home idea, as he likes to really express himself in his painting, and this normally means that not only the paper gets painted.

When the lovely team at Kiwi Mummy Blogs contacted me to see if we wanted to review the new educational art and craft products on the market, I jumped at the idea. Sometimes there is just no time to make our own paint, so I was very interested to see how these paints compared to other paints I have tried. 

The first thing I noticed about the paints was the vibrant colours, and two very important icons on the front of the bottle. Non Toxic and Washable. This range is designed with kids in mind, as mentioned previously, they are non-toxic, acid free, and washable, as a mother I am conscious of what Keaton uses, so this put my mind at ease instantly.

I made a spot for us to paint in the lounge, as its been miserable here lately, and he is sick, so did not want to paint outside. We used the splash mat that we received and also the smock to keep his clothes clean. I was really impressed at the size of the splash mat, and how easy it was to clean. As I mentioned my little painter likes to not only paint the paper, so we spent a lot of time cleaning too.

What impressed me the most was when he decided to paint the carpet, he is at that age where he tests everything I say, so when I said “please don’t paint anywhere but on the mat” I think he heard “it would be fun if you painted the carpet”.  A quick wipe with one of his wet wipes removed any evidence that there was ever paint on the carpet – now that is really cool.

Other things we loved about this range:
  •  The paint washes off the brushes, little hands really easily, and with little effort needed.
  •   The paint does not have a funky smell – some paints smell terrible, these paints hardly had a smell.
  •  They are made in Australia using water safe for consumption, and are mixed by a chemist, and each batch can be traced – how cool is that?
  • Because this paint is water based and non-toxic, should your little one decide to have a nibble, you can be rest assured NO HARM will be done to them.
  • There is a glitter range which uses plastic glitter and not foil, so it’s safe on the eyes, and also safe if ingested.
  • Its not limited to paints only, there are stubby brushes, paints stampers, splash mats and smocks, modelling clays, fun dough and modelling accessories.
  • The paint also comes in variety of colours, there is your standard rainbow range, there are fluoro colours, metallic, pearl and glitter colours, and there are finger paints, its your one stop paint brand.

This range has only just been released in New Zealand, and has been a market leading known and loved range for the last 35 years in Australia and internationally. It is available in New Zealand at leading retailers including Paper Plus, Baby Factory and Mighty Ape.

So if you need a time out from making your own paint, definitely pop out and get these paints. They are great, they paint wonderfully and the colours are bright and vibrant, I even had a go at painting because they looked that cool. And more importantly they are no harmful to your little ones… or your carpet.

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  1. ooh I like the bottles :) Might have to check them out. Great review Claire. Sounds like Keaton (and you) had a great time!