Today I was lucky enough to be 1 of about 20 ladies invited to a exclusive KMART event  on their new living range. I was in absolute KMART heaven. I managed to snap a few pics on my iPhone (I left my camera in the car,and it was raining - so apologies for the quality).

We heard from KMART'S buyer (my new dream job) for the living department, and she is absolutely amazing. Keep an eye out for the new "5th room" - outdoors range that will be coming to NZ soon - there is some ahhhhhhmazing stuff coming out.

It was really interesting to hear about the inspiration behind their buying patterns.
She also said to watch out for pastels, and possibly marble next season (but shh don't tell),I may be redoing our bedroom soon. 

Also kids bedroom themes are moving away from the stereotypical blue and pink (which we have been seeing already) - so am looking forward to seeing what new things they come up with.
I love how far Kmart has come. I remember it being one of the first shops I went to when I moved to New Zealand (coming up on 5 years ago), and remember not really being impressed with it. Fast forward to today and I go there at least once a week. There is not one room in the house that does not have at least one thing from KMART. I cant wait to see all the things that will be lining our shelves soon!

Known as "Urban Trend" - the above picture and styling is all about having fun with bold pieces and bright colour. Inspitation for this collection was taken from Brazil and Mexico.
To top it off - we were all given the infamous light box - finally I have one :) - they personalized them all with bits of our blog names.
 If you have not seen my KMART HACK post check it out.


  1. Love it!! What a fantastic post Claire! I am sooooo jealous you got invited!! And YAYE for your very own 'personalised' LightBox - LOVE IT!

    1. Thanks Charlene, loving my light box!!!! As a fellow KMART addict, you should have been there too!!!! :)

  2. great round up of the event - lovely to meet you x

  3. I really miss having a Kmart nearby. They have some cute new stuff!