Fun With Pool Noodles

Gone are the days when a pool noodle was something you only used in the pool.
We don’t even have a pool, yet I have a pool noodle…

Here are some handy uses for pool noodles, some of them I have tried, and others I really need to try.

Cot rail cover (BabyBumpApp) – I had a cot biter,there are little teeth marks all around the top of our cot because of that! This would have been great to do, and I will definitely do it next time around. I especially like this as it’s a no sew DIY – which is even better as I don’t have a sewing machine.
I have also seen an alternative to this where you take fleece and cut tabs in it, and the knot it underneath - It looks super cute too. 

Trampoline Safety (A Thrifty Mom)– We don’t have a trampoline, but plan on getting one later this year, and this will be on my to do list. I would personally prefer to have all black pool noodles, but I don't think you can get them in black. I just think the multi coloured ones are too “in your face” (personal preference).

Pool Noodle Door Stop (Red Delicious Life) This is a serious must for any home - they are a lifesaver, and have saved, and am sure will save many sore fingers.

Bed Rails (Small Fine Print) - I have tried this, and not sure how I would rate it. Now my noodle was bent, so it kept curving under the sheets, so that could have been one problem, and secondly I used it in a cot, and not in the bed. May have to revisit it now that my son is in a bed. Definitely would save you having to buy s safety side though. I like how these ones are therapeutic too.

Water Wall (Teaching Mamma) - I shared this in my summer bucket list post, and think its a fantastic use of pool noodles.

Other fun things to do with pool noodles include:

Bath Time Water Wall - Bath activities for kids

Floor Lamp stand - Shut the front door, how cool is this Rope lamp from The Lily Pad cottage?

Pool Noodle Wreath - Fox Hollow Cottage, not sure I would do the whole "flip flop" thing, but it would be a fab idea for a Christmas wreath.

Pool Noodle Abacus - Happy Hooligans

What do you use your pool noodles for?

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  1. We use to bash each other with pool noodles back in the day. They're great as bed rails and protectors. Heard a few people use them for safety reasons.

    Thanks for linking up with #linkalist

  2. Great tips! Thanks for sharing at the Pinterest Love Weekend Pin-It Party :)