Girlonamissi0n - KMART HACK
KMART seems to be the new home-wares go to at the moment in New Zealand and Australia. I am member of at least 10 different groups on Facebook, and about the same on Instagram. These range from appreciation groups, to Kmart Hack groups, you name it, I am in the group. It’s just so affordable, and it’s a one stop shop, whether it be clothes (they have fab kids clothes – let’s face it, they wear them for such a short amount of time) stationery, shoes, books, toys, and my most favourite at the moment home-wares.

Below are some hacks I have found and love, so far I have only managed to do 2 of them, but plan on getting around to doing some of the others soon.

This has to be one of the most popular KMART hacks I have seen, there is always someone in my Instagram feed, posting either a picture one of these holders, or a hack. I managed to hack this one – it’s still a work in progress – as I think I need to paint the candle holders to match more with the bedroom, but they will do for now.
Girlonamissi0n - KMART HACK

Above @Kar.en.cooper painted her Geo Candle black. 
The contrast between the black and the candle works really well.

Again this seems to be quite popular, and we needed new bedside tables. I think the baskets were $12 each, and I got the wooden tops for free, so not bad for $24, again I plan on painting the tops maybe white, so they blend in better with the room.
Other hacks I have seen have cheese boards as the tops – I thought those tops were a little small, so went with something a bit bigger.

Girlonamissi0n - KMART HACK
These next hacks are not my own, so I can’t take credit for them – they are great though, and I really want to try some of them.
Above @f.o.r.e.v.e.r.a.i.d.e.n hacked the outdoor yellow
 lantern into this funky fruit bowl - LOVE!!!!
Above @Winniebeau_ did a simple frame change out on the her 
"a day without laughter" print, and I think I like it better than the original.·     ·    
Above @mylittleplaceofhome painted her grass mat pink and white, 
and from memory styled it in her little ones bedroom, 
I think the hack looks better than the original.
Above @tubsforbubs painted the tic tac toe's complimenting colours.
Above. Love this hack by @sheshome, I really want to do this for my little ones bedroom, 
its absolutely fab, and really easy to do.
Above @cathscott2plus3plus1 painted the Geo trinket box rose gold, and again, 
I think the hack is better than the original
 - will definitely be getting one of these when I next go to KMART
Above @kris_in_a_tin did a fab job painting this wooden kids wall hanger, 
sadly they don't seem to be making them anymore - so I missed out on this one.
Above @creativebowerbird created these hanging jar vases.
Super cute idea and really inexpensive
Above @creativebowerbird hacked this desk lamp for her 
daughters room with polka dots and changing the colour of the base.

My latest buy is this adorable clock – not sure what I am going to do with it yet, but I think it needs to be hacked in some way.

What is your most favourite KMART hack at the moment?

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***I have linked back to the creators of these hacks under each picture and take no credit for any of their work ***

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  1. Gotta love a good KMart Hack! Thanks for linking up with us at Friday Favourites Claire!

  2. I love the basket table and the painted geo shaped holder! What great ideas from inexpensive items!