{Lifestyle} Weekly Windup

To start this weeks wind up are my photos from the #FMSPHOTOADAY challenge.

 Previous week from the challenge are below, so have a look at the things I have snapped over the weeks. Want to join in? Click on one of my past weeks to find out what to do.
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I had some much needed "Me" time on Wednesday and got my hair done. I had not had it done since November, so it was in dyer (nice pun ey) need of one.
 I have also finally started to decorate Keaton's bedroom. I have been collecting, and making things for a while, and have just not had the time to put it all together, While its no where near finished, I managed to put a few pictures up at least, and also the rail for his "craft station". I have bought some metal planters off ebay which will hang off the rail and house his crayons, felt pens, and pencil crayons. 

  Saturday eve was terrible. Keaton is lactose intollerant, and can only have  really small amounts of dairy. We thought he may be out growing it, so we give him cheese, and small amounts of cows milk, which he is normally fine with. however on saturday night he was eating cream cheese and dip (I think he was eating more when we werent watching), he went to bed, and around 11pm woke up coughing. Something told me to pick him up and sit with him, thank goodness I did, because he projctile vomited all over me and his floor. So this picture was taken of him at around 11.30pm when he decided it would be a good time for toast. Thankfully he was back in bed by midnight, and there were no more "sessions"
As I am doing the GCC Global Challenge, I needed to increase my steps, so we all went for a walk on sunday (about 4.5km). I was a great sunny day, and was good to be out in the sun and fresh air. 

Until next weeks ramblings. 

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  1. Ooh can't wait to see more photos of Keaton's room :) Where did you get the table and chairs? hmm let me guess? KMART?

    1. ha ha ha - for once I went with trade me and not Kmart! :)