{Blog} What a Silly Week

Silly, annoying, stupid, grumpy.

Those are a few emotions I am feeling at the moment.
I am not sure if its a cold, or sinus, but I have a blocked nose,and its driving me mad. I have used a whole roll of kitchen paper... don't ask, and it does not look like its going to stop anytime soon!

There was some "positivity" (Yes I know that is not an actual word, but i'm going with it) to the weekend however! We got to watch the minions movie before it hits the cinemas at the end of the week. Keaton has never been to the movies, he doesn't even like watching TV. He was so well behaved though, he actually made it through the whole movie,and only started losing interest with about 10 mins to go (it was also way past his nap time, so really not bad at all). Oh yes, and I got some new boots below:
My dad kindly helped with a DIY project I had, (its to do with GEO candles from #KMART and pendant lighting... that's all I am saying for now - here is a sneak peak
Keaton and his friend also had a play date, he is finally actually playing with his friends, for a while they just kind of did their own things, but I think they are at the age now, where they are able to interact socially.

I did some baking and the biscuits burnt. We have this oven tray and no matter what you put in it, it burns. Is that even possible? 

I did manage to take some pictures this past week too, I have failed in the #FMSPHOTOADAY challenge, I love taking my daily pictures, but for some reason, I keep using all the data on my phone way before the month end, not sure how, but its silly and annoying. Therefore in protest (not really, but I need an excuse) - I am not currently doing the #FMSPHOTOADAY challenge for a while (well for the next week, until my data is topped up for the month). Here are some other pictures that summed up my week.
Poor Ernie... not really, but I love annoying him - this was his "Village People" look!
Lets just pause and look at how hideous these wall tiles are!!!!! They are what is currently on the wall in our kitchen - can't wait to knock those bad boys into tiny pieces.
Are there things that are just super silly that make you super grumpy and/or annoyed?
I am also annoyed that "positivity" is not an actual word!!! 

Have a great week!

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  1. Actually right now as I am reading this both my girls are hanging out with me being silly, but still jealous about the new Minion movie and hope to take my girls when it opens now ;)

    1. Yes, the movie was great, your kiddies (and you) will enjoy it. I do love "silly" moments with kids too :-)

  2. Love those boots ... and Ernie rocking The Village People look. :) Hope you don't have a cold and that your sinus problems vanish soon. I've been having a lot of allergy problems lately myself and know how annoying that kind of thing is. No fun! So glad you and Keaton enjoyed the minion movie. Sounds like it was a fun day. And "positivity" - I use the word all the time and like it a lot. Whether it's a real word or not, I think it's great. So you'll get no complaints from me if you keep using it, Claire. :)

    1. Thanks Marcia - I honestly thought positivity was a real word... it totally should be! Sinus seems to be under control (thankfully) Keaton on the other hand is now the sick one!

  3. Village people look hahahaha Brilliant! Poor pooch ;-)

    1. Ha ha - that is tame - some of the things I have done to him have been way worse :) including a superman outfit!!