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To start this weeks wind up are my photos from the #FMSPHOTOADAY challenge. I missed the third day (borrowed), I was at home with a sick child, so was run off my feet trying to look after him and work as well, was absolutely shattered.
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So my week was pretty normal (nothing exciting is happening in my world at the moment, besides getting a new kitchen).

At work we are taking part in the GCC global challenge. We are in teams of 7, and we have to walk 10.000 steps per day, and record them online, this then plots you on a map, and tracks you as you walk around the world. Its great to build team spirit, and people are getting really competitive. Its getting me motivated to exercise more as well. I now go one walks at lunch, and take Ernie on a walk in the evenings around the neighbourhood. Its really interesting to see how many steps you actually take in a day. Without the walks, I don't get to 10,000, so it really is an eye opener.
This was how I spent most of my Wednesday. Keaton would not sleep in his bed, He has a terrible cough, and blocked nose, the doctor said it was not in his chest, so would not give him any medicine. I went to the pharmacy and got a whole bunch of herbal medicines for him, which seem to be working. Between him and Ernie, I was kind of stuck on the couch most of the day, so did not have a very productive work day.

I bought this cute necklace from an online fire fighter store, thought it was really cute, and it was not expensive at all. I cant wear sterling silver, as I am allergic to it, so have always just worn yellow gold. This is a nice change though, and its long, so it can tuck into my bra.

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We only got a dining table set when we moved into our new house, it was second hand from the owners of the house at the time, and it will be a great DIY when I finally get around to doing it. Anyway Ernie loves to help himself to one of the chairs and fall asleep, he also likes to sit on one of the chairs while we are all eating dinner, I am so sure he is part human, cat, and very little dog.
Keaton and I went to a cafe for breakfast with my mum and her friends, and it has to be one of my new fav's. Not only do they present the food in an awesome way, they also give kids a regular size fluffy, and not an espresso size. Keaton loves his fluffy's so this is a definite plus.

These are what I like to call the 3 stages of Keaton in the morning. He starts off grumpy, and demands my phone so he can watch the "bee baa's" while he waits for his milk. Next is his "I see my milk" face, and third is his"ooh look mum has her camera out" face.

I purchased one of the reachME Mother's day packs a few weeks ago, and it arrived on Friday. I am not sure if I would buy it again, I like the makeup brushes etc, and the tea and coffee, but that's about it, I am not sure what I was expecting really, I guess its kind of like a black box in a way.

My blogging friend Charlene kindly sent me these two beauties from her Kmart, as our one has not got them in stock yet. Keep a look out on here for a Kmart hack in the coming weeks.

Lastly we spent the weekend shopping for our appliances for our new Kitchen. Its going to be started in the next two weeks, so we went out and bought a cook top, oven, range hood and dishwasher. The best thing about getting them all now was that they were all on sale - gotta love Queens Birthday Weekend. 

What did you get up to?

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  1. YOU HAVE GEO CANDLE HOLDERS AAAAA. I have been looking for them for yonks, what a whirlwind week it was for you x

    1. Ha ha - I know they are like hens teeth! They are still not at my Kmart, I look every time I go. I want more now, so am on the hunt again! :-) thanks for stopping by!

    2. If you can't get some Lisa, let me know - If we have them at our store, I can grab you some!

    3. What a week you have had! Looks like Keaton is feeling better! Good to hear! Yaye for awesome blogging friends who support each other :) I'm like your personal shopper! ha ha. Love the coat hanger hack! What a cool idea!

    4. Ha ha ha - yes totally my personal shopper! :-) he is finally on the mend! Ugh I hate it when he's sick!