{Blog} Liebster Award number #3

Wooohooo - I recevied another Liebster award, well 2 actually.

Charlene from Teacher by Trade, Mother by Nature, and Mandelynn from Oh, Mandelynn, both nominated me for a Liebster award. This brings my total up to 3 (I will be including both of these awards into one super long one, so bare with me). Please head on over to these lovely ladies blogs and have a read, and if you like what they have to say, follow them on social media too!!!!

Here is my very first Liebster award post and my second award one.

How it works... (I totally stole this paragraph from you Charlene... hope you dont mind) 

"The Liebster Award is a way for bloggers to reach out and learn more about the blogs they enjoy. It also acknowledges bloggers, especially newbie bloggers and gives them the recognition they deserve. Accepting the award means answering 11 questions asked of you and adding in 11 facts about yourself. Then nominating your own 3-11 bloggers and asking them 11 questions of your own. (Please note: the 'rules' of the Liebster Award varies across the blogosphere - the ultimate goal is to Share the Blog Love) "

With all that out of the way, lets jump into the questions:

From Charlene:

1. What motivated you to start your blog and how long have you been blogging?
I have been blogging for about 9 months. I am not sure what made me want to start blogging. I think I wanted a place to capture everything about being a mum, and also wanted a place for my children to look back on and learn about themselves... and their dilly mother :0

2. What does your family think about you blogging?
I think they think I am a bit cray cray. They don't say too much, hell, I don't even know if they read it.

3. What is your favourite quote? 

4. What makes you laugh out loud? 
I have a really dry sense of humor, and sometimes the stupidest things make me laugh. At the moment its the funny things Keaton says, he has me in stitches everyday.

5. What is your most prized possession? 
Hmmm - that is a hard one, I am a sentimental person, but I don't really have one thing that I consider more important than the other.

6. What is the best feedback you have ever received on a blog post?
At the moment I am just loving that people actually read what I write, so I consider them all to be the best... so cheesy I know.

7. Who inspires you? 
My Parents

8. What is your favorite post that you’ve written? (Please provide link!)
Has to be my Kids Summer Bucket List - I can't wait for summer so that I can try some of these out.

9. What are three things you cannot live without?
Family, Hair straighter, lip balm

10.What is your greatest joy in life?
 Being called a wife, and a mum

11. Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your 13-year-old self?
Enjoy School - Man there are days when I wish I was still at school. Also enjoy being a teen. You grow up so fast, and before you know it, you will be married with kids. :-)

From Mandelynn:

1. Favorite Comedian?

Trevor Noah - he is South African, and super funny

2. Mimosa – Morning or all day long?
Um.... okay so I dont drink... hold while I google Mimosa... oh yes, champagne and orange juice... hmmm - I don't mind drinking that, lets go with morning only though.

3. Blog to live or live to blog?

At the moment I live to blog.

4. Tell me about yourself in 6 words?
Crazy mom and wife, loving lift

5. What do you blog about?
Life as a mom, and a wife, sharing the things we get up to, the odd DIY, and recipe (when I remember to take pictures)

6. How many times have you seen Pitch Perfect?
Is it bad that I have only watched it once... last year.

7. What is your favorite pie?

8. What do you want to be when you grow up?
I want to own a cupcake shop, or antique shop

9. Worst job you have ever had?
I have enjoyed all my jobs

10. If you could choose your last words- what would they be?
ooh good question... hard question too -  To my Parents and sister " Thanks for molding me into the person I am, I love you" and to my husband and child, " You are my everything, I Love you"

11. Princess Bride- Best movie ever or best movie of the century?
Have not seen it!!!!

Right now for my Nominations

Lipgloss and Onsies Blog
Lizzie Daily Blog
Posh Little Poet

Here are your questions

1. Favourite Colour?

2. What did you want to be when you grew up?

3. What do you value most in life?

4. What is your biggest problem/ challenge when it comes to blogging?

5. What does a normal day in your life look like?

6. Whats your favourite way to recover from a long day?

7. What is your favourite thing to do first thing in the morning?

8. Do you like or dislike meeting new people? Why?

9. Favourite place you’ve visited?

10. Do you make and keep New Year’s resolutions?

11. What is the first thing on your wish list?

Thanks again for the nomination ladies, and look forward to reading my nominations posts.

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