{All Things Kids} Favourite Nap Time Mummy Activities

I often feel guilty about this, but most times I don’t - I hope that doesn't make me a terrible mum, There are days I just can’t wait for my child to take a nap so that I can just chill out and do nothing. I work full time, so my weekends are pretty full on. When nap time comes along, I am so ready for it, especially now that he is over 2, he is super hyper most of the time, and I just need a break.
I secretly count down the time to nap time, and as soon as he is in his bed, I like to sit on the couch and just veg.

At the moment I am catching up on Orange is the New Black (I am so far behind the times), so I like to chill out on the couch and watch that, sometimes I like to just scour Facebook for new blogs to follow, anything where I don’t have to function really. The last thing I want to do is have to function and use my brain – it’s just too dam hard.
There are things I should do when he is sleeping, like clean, start lunch/dinner, take a nap myself, but in all honesty,I just can't be bothered, I think having to work all week really takes its toll and while I look at a computer screen all day at work, its different at home, because I don't have to "think", I just put it on, and zone out.

What’s your go to Favourite Nap Time activity?