{Review} Review - Mrs Rogers Bakeware

I love baking, especially cupcakes. Okay so they come out of a box most times, but I still mix the ingredients, and stick them in the oven, so I class that as baking. And I make my own icing, so yep definitely a baker.

Anyway while I was on holiday I was sent some of the new Mrs Rogers range to try out. It came at the right time because I needed to make cupcakes for my birthday. 

I instantly fell in love with the cupcake cases because not only were they pink, but they actually fitted my cupcake tin. So many cupcake cases are too big or too small and they make weird oval shaped cupcakes, so these were off to a good start. I also loved that they peeled away from the cupcake so nicely once cooked, and didn't leave half the cupcake on the paper like so many cases normally do.

The fun part was the decorating. I gave all 4 of the little compartments in the quad a try, and mixed and matched to make pretty cupcake toppings. Okay so yes my icing is scary blue… I had just finished icing Keaton’s birthday cake for school, and had plenty left over, so used it for the cupcakes. Blue and Pink do go… maybe not this time, but oh well.
I was definitely impressed with this bake ware, and will be buying it in the future, I cant wait to use the hearts for valentines day!!!!

Some information on the Mrs Rogers Range

•New Zealand owned household brand - Love
•All natural range of salts, peppers, herbs, spices and seasonings - Love even more
•Have an entire Baking Range from baking cups to muffin wraps, sprinkles and candles -
Am obsessed
•The whole Mrs Rogers range is free from artificial flavours and colours - My baking world is complete

Pricing is super reasonable too, and the range is available at all major supermarkets in New Zealand - I have been checking while out, and they seem to be on special at the moment.

If you are a keen baker, these are a must in your baking drawer.
Keep an eye on my Facebook page - I will be giving some of the range away soon.

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  1. Ooh Yum!! We have been making cupcakes today too!! And guess what I have in amongst my baking supplies - Mrs Rogers Party Sprinkles! :) I didn't know Mrs Rogers was NZ owned - THAT IS AWESOME!! Definitely getting more supplies! Nice review Claire

  2. Thanks Charlene! Always good to support kiwi owned companies :-) regardless of the blue icing - they were yummy :-) he he