{Mummy Monthly} Keaton is 2 - and #Tuesday10

Keaton is 2! I am still waiting for his party pictures, so once I get those, I will post them, but in the meantime, here is what he got up to in the month leading up to his second birthday.

Eating: Still has love for the little red cocktail sausages. Is becoming a bit fussier with some foods, and will spit them out if he doesn’t like something. Still not particularly fond of some meat textures, mainly steak, pork, lamb and chicken.

Sleeping: Was a bit up and down, but that must have been due to the jet lag, but otherwise he is sleeping 7pm – 6 / 6.30 am

Loving: cars, and duplo.  it’s great to see this month how interested he is in little cars, he has to take at least 1 with him where ever he goes, and he will spend hours playing with them. He also loves his duplo blocks, he will build houses, cranes, garages for his cars, he just sits happily and plays.

Hating: me brushing his teeth. Still will only let Bradley brush them

Doing: Talking nonstop, pulling up pants, puts shoes on, learning to put socks on, can use the potty.

Teeth: 17 and the other 3 back molars are on their way

Nappies: Nappy pants, pull ups and the normal ones for daycare.

Clothing: Moved him into size 2’s now, as he has so many clothes, so would rather have them a  bit big
Things I want to remember at this age

  •    He asks for a team hug with his dad and myself, and he sandwiches  himself in the middle of us and gives a cheesy grin

Team Hug
  •    He has learnt to say please and thank you, but will say “please mummy, thank you mummy” in one sentence when asking for something.
  •      Says thank you to strangers (or people he knows but cant remember their names, and refers to them as Lady and Man.
  •    He likes me tickling his back before he goes to bed, and will ask me to tickle it every night if I forget.

Here are 10 of my favourite photo's of him from the last 12 months

1. Keaton at one of his besties 1st birthday parties

2. We won a family photo shoot, and this was one of my favourite pictures

3. Need I say more???

4. Ready for another birthday party

5. Play dates at the beach

6. He loves bikes, Bradley's friend has a motorbike and Keaton had to sit on it.

7. Cant go to a cafe without having a fluffy, or 2.

8. Sundays are fun days, because Keaton and Dad go to swimming lessons

9. We walked into this one evening

10. Picture from his latest photo shoot in South Africa

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Now that Keaton is 2, I am only going to be doing my "Mummy Monthly" posts annually, or maybe in 6 months time, will see how I go.

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  1. What a cutie!!! Glad you like up today!

    1. Thanks - looking forward to linking up more often :)

  2. Happy birthday to Keaton!
    Two year olds can get into/create some serious messes, can't they? :)

    1. Yes - they seem to hit two and become little terrors doing some very funny things!

  3. Love the Sudocream photo! PRICELESS - definitely one for his 21st! Great to have you linking up Claire :)

    1. Ha ha ha - definitely will be using this one! Thanks for telling me about the link up :)

  4. What a cutie!! Two is such a fun age.l I know it can be trying, but they learn and grow so much!!

  5. Well I was going to say #8 was my favorite until I got to #9. LOL!

  6. Ha ha ha - yeah 9 is not one I will be forgetting anytime soon - neither will the carpet, LOL