{Blog} Weekly Wind Up and #FMSPHOTOADAY

Going forward I will be combining my weekly wind up and my pictures from my FMSPHOTOADAY challenge.

So to start off with...
We moved into our new house on Tuesday. Its fab – absolutely love it, its so flat, and there are no stairs which is even better. The whole process went smoother than I thought. We were lucky enough he have gotten to know the previous owners of our house before we moved in, and as they were moving to another town, they gave us the remote for the garage way before we were due to move in. We started taking bits and pieces there over the weeks leading up to settlement. So on settlement day, we were able to start moving in in the morning. This was a total life saver as Tuesdays weather was disgusting, it rained nonstop for most of the day! Fast forward to yesterday – we are settled, unpacked, and in the process of doing some minor renovating/upgrading.

I also got this cute mother’s day gift from Keaton. He only goes to day-care 3 times a week, so was not there the Friday before and the Monday after mother’s day. I love it, can’t wait to get it framed up and put in the bedroom. 

Keaton is finally 100% off the dummy, it was the easiest thing ever. I had been stressing about it for ages. We started off by telling him that he was a big boy, and that dummies are for babies, luckily we have a niece who is a couple of months old, so we told him that she was a baby and needed his dummy. He was happy with that and said that big boys don’t need dummies. Next he helped me cut the top off his dummy and throw the top away. I let him keep the bottom part to hold onto. When it was bed time, he got into bed, asked for the dummy – to which I said “ you are big boy and big boys don’t have dummies”, he replied “ babies have dummies”. I gave him the cut off one, and he was fine with it. I had do repeat that every night for about 3 nights, but now he doesn't even ask for it. No night time wake ups, no cries for it, nothing. He is just awesome, and he amazes me more and more everyday!

My Facebook page hit 80 likes, I know for a lot of people who are bloggers and who have Facebook pages, that is nothing, but for me, it’s a huge thing. I didn’t want to create a Facebook page, because I was scared I would be judged etc, but I am no over that, I mean people obviously look at my content, so if you have liked my page – Thanks.

I got some new cushions for the lounge, I thought the lounge needed a pop of colour, as the old lounge’s colour scheme was blue and beige. We are stuck (for now) with the lounge suite (which is blue), so I bought some turquoise cushions and decor to add that little pop. It’s still missing something, so am going to introduce a bit of yellow as well. Not a bright yellow, more of a lemon yellow.
New Cushions

A few pieces I picked up to go with the cushion
 After writing all that down, it does not seem to read as hectic as it was, but it really was!
In amongst all the manic, I managed to capture my 7 pictures for the #FMSPHOTOADAY challenge:
This weeks Pictures

Its never too late to start, so give it a go!!!!!
Have a look at my previous weeks.

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