{All Things Kids} Choo Choo Keaton is 2

Keaton recently turned two! Here are some pictures from his birthday party.
We went with a "Chugga Chugga Two Two Keaton is 2" themed party.

The invitation - inspiration for this taken from Pinterest - of course! For his first birthday I made a poster with his year of firsts, and really loved how it came out, so decided to do it again for this second birthday. I think I may frame them and put them in his bedroom - its a cute reminder and way to see how much he has grown.

We hired the local hall, which was a lifesaver as we are packing up our home, so there were boxes everywhere. 
The hall has an outdoor play area for the kids, and we also hired a small jumping castle that was able to fit indoors (it was only for under 3's so was not huge at all - I want one for home). The kids loved it.
I also printed a shirt with Choo Choo I am 2 on it, which went great with his suspender shorts that he was given when we were in South Africa. The shirt was super easy to do, I bought iron on transfers off trade me and just printed the logo on our printer at home.
I am not the best cake decorator in the world, so this was my crazy looking train cake... I guess it kind of looks like a train, and Keaton loved it, so that's all that matters. He spent most of the time at the kiddies food table, and was sees carrying something to eat in both hands at all times. Who were we to tell him off, it was after all his birthday party.

This was a day filled with so many special moments, I love birthday and parties, and even though this was a totally crazy time for a party (with coming back from a holiday and packing up the house), I think it all came together really nicely.

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  1. What a cool theme!! Love it "Choo Choo Two Two" - What a clever Mummy you are :)

    1. Thanks to pinterest! I think I would be lost without it! :)

  2. Absolutely awesome theme and Happy 2nd Birthday to Keaton!! :)

  3. Very cute and I think that cake looks great!

    1. Thanks, that black icing was such a nightmare! :-)

  4. I love the Choo Choo I Am 2 shirt! Great idea! And making posters from years 1 and 2 and putting them in his room - love that as well. Pinterest gave you the idea, but I thank you for sharing it with all of us at #1Word today. I greatly enjoyed it. :)

  5. Thanks Marcia, you are very kind! :-)