{Lifestyle} Weekly Wind Up

Public holidays are the best. They are even better when it turns into a long weekend. I finally have a few spare minutes (in between packing and entertaining Keaton), to wind up my week.

I am slowly getting back into my routine, its taken a little longer than planned because I was not really myself last week. Not only was I recovering from jet lag, but I was also recovering from food poisoning which I got on the way back from South Africa (Yup I was the one in the aeroplane bathroom for 13+ hours). Anyway that is all over now, and I am back to normal - well as normal as I can be.

I will get to posting some holiday snaps soon, as well as pictures from Keaton's second birthday party which we had on Saturday. I am just waiting to get the memory stick with all the pictures on.

The rest of the week and weekend we have spent packing, its not something I look forward to continuing, but its something that needs to be done. We will soon be in our new home, and I cannot wait to be settled. I am planning on doing a few posts on how I reorganise the house, and some decorating posts too, so stay tuned.

One thing with being away for 3+ weeks is that I needed to catch up on all my TV programmes. Luckily we have My Sky, so I was able to record my shows, and have caught up on the others on TVNZ on demand, I totally sound like a TV addict, and my husband would totally agree... meh - I probably am one.. ha ha ha, but it is the only thing that relaxes me, and the last thing I want to do when I get home from work sometimes is sit in front of the computer, or read, I just want to sit somewhere and veg out and not have to concentrate, and I can do that with TV.

Other things that went on this week... Keaton and I had our birthdays on Wednesday - I think he was more excited than me. He is 2, and I am 29, cant believe I will be 30 next year. I always laugh when people I know turn 30, because I have always been a few years younger than them, but that will be me next year. I got spoilt by my boys, they know me so well. Keaton also got really spoilt, I guess that goes with being a kid though. I still think he is a bit young to understand what is happening, and that we share a birthday. He was going around the house saying Happy Birthday to me, and I would reply with Happy Birthday to you, he would just laugh and run off. While we were on holiday we went to my nephews 2nd birthday, and when my brother in law was lighting the candle, Keaton started singing Happy Birthday, everyone just started laughing. Once the singing was over, and my nephew had blown out his candle, Keaton said "Cut it half". He really knows just what to say. It was very cute.
I have totally failed in the #AtoZChallenge, I had set my blogs up, and had set them all to auto upload, and then they didn't, and then I was sick, and now I am over it. I think I have missed out on about 5, and I cant even find where they are saved to re post them now. FAIL Claire, I think I need to find a new challenge to do now that I am not going on holiday or anything, so if there are any out there, let me know.

Well think that is about it for this week. I am sure my weeks will get more interesting, now that I feel like a human again.

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