{Throwback Thursday} T is for Throwback Thursday

T is for Throwback Thursday. I have not done one of these for ages, so though it was about time I posted another picture from my childhood.

This is of my sister (right) and myself (left) on Christmas eve. We must have been about 4 and 6 here. We were lucky enough to be born well ahead of our cousins, so it was just the 2 of us for a good few years. My gran used to set our own table for us separate from the "adult" table, and we were allowed to have "wine" (fizzy apple juice) as a special treat. She even bought us our own wine glasses.
 I love the memories from my childhood. My gran always used to spoil us and play our stupid games. Christmas was also so much better when you were a kid. I think this year will be exciting because Keaton is at the age where he kind of knows what is happening.

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Check back tomorrow for the letter U. I will be back dating the letters I have missed out when I get a chance, I have such a backlog of blog posts to upload - I think I need to lock myself in a room somewhere and catch up - easier said than done though.

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