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As I write this blog post, there are so many different things going on in my head all at once, I will be amazed if this actually makes sense at the end of it. Please don't think this blog post will give you any useful information on how to become organised, or actually any useful information on anything, its more of a rant, dear diary kind of post.

With less than 24 hours until Keaton's 2nd birthday party, and 18 days until we move into our new house, I am feeling totally overwhelmed and over it.
As lovely as it was, our holiday was slap bang in the middle of everything, and has left me completely unorganised in the whole party throwing, box packing department.

The only thing I managed to do before leaving, was to hire the hall, and print the invitations. I now have a couple of hours when I get home to get everything we need for the party, make the cake, finish party bags, decorations, count how many people are actually coming, and also make sure that I don't forget to buy anything because tomorrow is ANZAC day and NOTHING is going to be open in the morning.

Don't even get me started on the moving, I have gotten so far as to book the movers. I am normally such an organised person. I make lists and check them twice, and most times have lists of lists, and things are planned and done well in advance. Its eating me up that I have done nothing, and that this party is tomorrow, and I am so far behind. I think I am still okay on the not packing part, we still have the rest of this weekend and some time during the next week and a bit to pack up everything, but its just that much harder with a toddler, who in the last 2 days has decided that its about time he lived up to the title "the terrible two's".

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Check back tomorrow for the letter T. And hopefully a more meaningful blog post, that is actually of some relevance.

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    Hope you enjoyed taking part in the A-Z Challenge! I didn't get to visit your blog during the crazy month of April so I'm popping over today from the Road Trip.

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