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S is for Speech. In November I was a bridesmaid for my cousins wedding, click here to see some of the pictures I took of their special day. I thought I would share what I read out at their wedding. I know it probably wont mean anything to most people, but I found reading lots of other peoples speeches helped me come up with something personal for mine, so if it is able to help someone, somewhere, then job done.

Before I start I would like to say that Lauren you look absolutely beautiful and Dason you don't look bad yourself. For those of you who don't know me my name is Claire and for those of you who do you are truly blessed. 

I did a lot of research on speeches when coming up with what to say for mine, and they all say to explain how you and the bride met. Well I don’t know how we met, I would have been just over 2 when Lauren was born, so am assuming we were plonked together at some stage and told to play – or something to that effect. Anyway my sister and I, and Lauren and her brother Kyle have been lucky enough to grow up together, and although we lived in different towns, we saw a lot of each other. I won’t bore you all with the details of our childhoods, but one thing I remember was that when Lauren set her mind to something, there was no changing it. So on that note…

Dason thank you for being at the right place at the right time and sweeping Lauren off her feet, and thanks to both of you for asking me to be a part of your wedding, I am honoured to have taken this journey with you both. I admire that you have not let the stress of this get to you because if ever you are to enjoy life, now is the time! Today should always be your most wonderful day, let it be the building block for all the years to come.

Lauren, I know both sets of your grandparents would be so proud of you, and happy that you have met your prince charming. I especially know that Dason and Bobbo (our grandpa) would have gotten on so well. I am sure they are all looking down on you guys with big smiles.

Could everyone join me in raising a glass Dason and Lauren – may your love be modern enough to survive the times, but old-fashioned enough to last forever.

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