{Blog} Random things I have learnt since becoming a mum

I have learnt lots of things since becoming a mum, but there are somethings that are just random. Here are my top 5 random things I have learnt so far!

Egg whites on the bum to help cure nappy rash - try it, I laughed when my mum told me to give it a go, it works you just slap it on, blow it dry and it forms a coating on the bum to stop any moisture getting in.

Tantrums are funny - well some of them. Keaton sometimes gets so frustrated and throws a tantrum, and I have to look away because what he is doing is just so funny.

Sometimes your breast milk just doesn't like being frozen or put in the fridge longer than a day - who knew that there is a thing called a lipase enzyme in breast milk ? Not Me! But apparently my breast milk had an excess of it, and when I froze it or left it for more than a day in the fridge it made it taste like soap, and Keaton would not touch it (who would blame him). All my hard work of pumping went to waste, and I had to pump and use within the day or it went off. Not cool!

Once kids figure out how to flush the toilet you are doomed. Its true - you will hear the loo being flushed at any time of the day, you just have to hope that nothing has made its way into the loo beforehand.

If you have a dog - its tongue will land up in your kids mouth on more than one occasion. I have given up stopping "kisses" because I am fighting a losing battle. I have resorted to deworming the dog and Keaton, and just have to hope for the best.

Are there any random things you have learnt? 

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