{Blog} K is for Kiwi Mummy Blogs

I stumbled upon Kiwi Mummy Blogs a few months after my debut as a blogger (well I like to think it was a debut). I had seen some American blogger communities and wondered if there was anything out there for Kiwi Mums.
This community has been amazing, I love being able to hop on and see all my favourite kiwi bloggers in one place, and also find new ones. I have already made some awesome new blogger friends, who’s blogs have inspired me to try new things, not only with my blog, but in my everyday life too.

This site has so many cool things all in one place, I love looking at the “our friends tab” to find out about new products and services relevant to NZ – thanks to this tab, I have a new found love for the Kids Zip Sheets – I had seen something similar on YouTube (but with duvet covers), and wondered if something like this was sold in New Zealand. I was so excited to find out that we do have something similar – and I can’t wait until Keaton is in his big boy bed, so I can get one for him. (okay off track a bit)

Anyway – if you have not already, check out Kiwi Mummy Blogs – fantastic community, fantastic platform, and fantastic Mummy’s.

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As I am travelling I will have to skip the letters L,M and N but will be back with the letter O on friday! 

(*** Blogging from A to Z Challenge 2015 ***)

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