{All Things Kids} Ditching the Dummy

We are coming to the age where we will be ditching the dummy. The main reason we kept it was because of going to South Africa, and having it there would be comforting to him. I am not one of those mums who let their child go in public sucking on a dummy, babies yes, after 1, hell no (just my opinion).

So my dilemma is how to ditch it. I was thinking of “leaving” it on the aeroplane, and telling him that is gone back to South Africa, or chopping the top off it so that he can’t suck it. He is too small for me to tell him I have posted it to some other child, and don’t want to do something overly complicated that he is not going to understand. 

He only uses it for sleeping, and spits it out once he is asleep, but I can hear him in the middle of the night feeling for it, and then sucking away, so am kind of dreading what is going to happen at night when he looks for it. I guess it’s just one of those things we are going to have to persevere through when the time comes.  
Stay Tuned for Ditching Dummy updates once we get back home.

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