{All Things Kids} Craft Box

I have been wanting to make a craft box for Keaton ever since I saw Keryn from Style Novice post her video of her daughters one on you tube. I thought what better time than now. I got everything for Keaton’s craft box from the dollar stores, and managed to find some cute storage tins online.
I still need to get some more bits and pieces, but thought I would share what he currently has in his box, if you have any other ideas on what to add, please let me know, am always looking for new things for him to try.

I love these boxes - they fit the paddle sticks in, and the rest of the crafts fit in the larger box. I will probabley have to get a larger box as we accumulate more craft supplies, but for now this will do.

One of the great things about crafting with kids, is that you don't have to spend alot of money on supplies. Things around the home make great crafty supplies, for example, Toilet Rolls, Paper Towel Rolls, String, News Paper, Boxes, Bottle Tops, Old Birthday and Christmas Cards (definitely need to keep some of these around for cutting up). The list really does go on.

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