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Meet Razi – the prancing deer… or in our house better known as Horse.
When I was asked if I wanted to review this by Michelle over at Kiwi Mummy Blogs, I was totally in, I have been looking at these online for a while now, and have been contemplating getting one for Keaton. He is super hyper most of the time, so thought this would be great to burn some of that energy.

As soon as Keaton saw him inflated, he shouted horse, and that name has stuck (it looks nothing like a horse, and as the name suggests, it is a deer).

Razi/Horse comes from a company called Bouncing BuddiesHe comes neatly packaged in a vibrant box, along with a pump to give him life.

My first impressions were really good, one of the things that initially put me off buying something similar, was that I did not know what the quality would be like. This PVC is thick, and you can tell that it’s not some cheap stuff that is going to pop after a week of use. I also like that it is eco-friendly and toxin-free because Keaton gave him a good kiss and even nibbled the ears, so it’s good to know that he is not kissing or nibbling on anything that is harmful.

Pumping him up was easy too (once I  managed to screw the little needle part in to the pump, I think this was user error) – you just stick the pump in his belly button and inflate, there are no plugs to stick in afterwards which is another plus, as its one less thing to worry about Keaton pulling out and swallowing. And should you want to deflate him, you just put the little needle in the belly button, and he deflates.

Some other things I love about the Bounching Buddy Range:

  • The price - $49.95 – totally worth it
  • The 3 month quality guarantee
  • There are 7 bouncers in the 1-5 year range
  • They have a range Bernie the Bull for 5+ to adults (hello 30th birthday present!!!)
  • They are funky looking, and will keep your kids entertained.
  • You can use them outdoors or indoors (so many toys are only for use outdoors now days)
  • The company is 100% NZ owned and operated

Keaton had to take Horse with him to his grandparents’ house, he even had to sit on the chair and have breakfast. I love how keeps him entertained in the evenings when I am getting dinner ready – he just bounces around the house, or stays in one place bouncing up and down.

I wish I had gotten one of these sooner – it would have been great for Keaton to bounce on when he was learning to walk, it would definitely have strengthened his leg muscle, he sure does get a good work out on it now.

If you are in the market for an ‘investment’ piece for your kids, then this is the toy for you. It’s so much more than a toy, it’s so versatile, and will grow with them. It teaches them to be active in a fun way, it’s great at teaching balance, and to use their imagination.

Keaton is almost 2, and this is something that he can play on until he is 5, how many things are out there at the moment that will last them 5 years?

More more information check out their website –Bouncing Buddies
or like them on Facebook

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